Saturday 25 September 2010

AHRC Early Career development fellowship

I’m starting to try and put together coherent ideas for an AHRC
Early Career Development Fellowship. I've been moaning to all and sundry about the difficulties of understanding the application process, so now have got some useful feedback about it and feel less overwhelmed - because everyone else seems to be beleaguered by the bureaucracy and confusion, its not just me! Which is always good to know.

This is the AHRC blurb:
The Fellowships scheme provides salary and associated costs for periods of three to nine months, to enable an individual researcher to work on a specified research project or programme. The Fellowship can be used to support a wide range of research activities provided that these lead to significant specified research and other outputs by the end of the Fellowship, including the preparation of publications and other outputs from research conducted prior to the start of the Fellowship. Proposals for full economic costs up to a maximum of £120,000 may be submitted.
The early career route aims to enable the AHRC to work in partnership with institutions to support the career development of researchers at the start of their careers and to provide them with focused research time and appropriate support and mentoring so that they can broaden their research experience and enhance their research outputs profile. In order to apply to this route, applicants must meet additional eligibility criteria as outlined in the AHRC Funding Guide

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