Friday, 11 March 2011

Cartesian Theatre

Cartesian Theatre:

So far I've mapped the 'characters' to Alpha and Beta channels, so they move on and off the stage as those two of my brain frequencies fluctuate. Would be great to map it to a paper theatre with servos etc via the EEG unit...

EEG controlled theatre of the mind, different characters and stories will unfold depending on brain wave activity, could be in physical realm use Phys Comp, servos etc, or purely screen based...each viewer framed as the homunculous. See Dennett:
Cartesian materialism is the view that there is a crucial finish line or boundary somewhere in the brain, marking a place where the order of arrival equals the order of "presentation" in experience because what happens there is what you are conscious of. [...] Many theorists would insist that they have explicitly rejected such an obviously bad idea. But [...] the persuasive imagery of the Cartesian Theatre keeps coming back to haunt us - laypeople and scientists alike - even after its ghostly dualism has been denounced and exorcized. [p.107, original emphasis.]
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