Saturday, 20 March 2010

Robot Plays Mark II

Have started to try and make the robot plays work with 'real' robots with a view to possibly submitting a paper for Istanbul 2011. The robots will be deliberative and react to each other in keeping with their so called personality traits, or traits, at least. There are enourmous limitations because of the tiny brains involved (not just mine) but this sort of constraint could actually make it less overwhelming as a learning curve, I'm using NQC - not quite C and the Bricx Command Centre with la ego RCX mark II, I need a couple of other bricks (one at least) to get some sort of power struggle going and to start each play with an election, or a sort of casting process. In Stockholm I got useful feed-back about using gestures and movements and not just words, I can also use sounds, though speech synthesis may not be straight forward using this system...

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