Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hacked into a toy EEG machine

This is good news! I've followed a fantastic hack from

and made the MindFlex toy I purchased in the Argos sale this morning, into a serviceable machine for providing a data flow of my brain's electrical activity (with all the limitations that this sentence implies, naturally!). I do notice non-random responses to my concentration etc, so this is going to be incredibly useful for the memory project, as I'm going to see how certain objects, tastes, smells etc, effect brain activity.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas house, for Jonas and Julia

When you text or phone the house it lights up with an LED fading on a timer between RGB. (of course, not putting the number here LOL). This Christmas house is for Jonas and Julia and it's made from the Box containing the lovely Swiss chocolates they sent me!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Continuing to investigate template matching for the Chiromancer and feel some hope as the last couple of algorithms I've written are pretty good at finding significant features on the palm images, now I'm looking at establishing a significant difference between images, and this looks pretty useful, infact what I am going to use it in the next iteration:

// loop through the search image
for ( int x = 0; x <= S_rows - T_rows; x++ ) {
for ( int y = 0; y <= S_cols - T_cols; y++ ) {
SAD = 0.0;

// loop through the template image
for ( int i = 0; i < T_rows; i++ )
for ( int j = 0; j < T_cols; j++ ) {

pixel p_SearchIMG = S[x+i][y+j];

pixel p_TemplateIMG = T[i][j];

SAD += abs( p_SearchIMG.Grey - p_TemplateIMG.Grey );

// save the best found position
if ( minSAD > SAD ) {
minSAD = SAD;
// give me VALUE_MAX
position.bestRow = x;
position.bestCol = y;
position.bestSAD = SAD;
The last bit enables a rectangle to be drawn around the best matched region.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Weird how the power dips when I press the button so the LCD fades, but the logic works, atleast on the old NG, not sure it likes sharing with the speakJet Shield...
// adapted from SIMON MONKS Project 17 - LCD message board


// LiquidCrystal display with:
// rs on pin 12
// rw on pin 11
// enable on pin 10
// d4-7 on pins 5-2
LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);

const int buttonPin = 7; // the number of the pushbutton pin
const int ledPin = 13; // the number of the LED pin

// variables will change:
int buttonState = 0;
void setup()
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
// initialize the pushbutton pin as an input:
pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);
lcd.begin(2, 20);
lcd.print("Evil Genius");

void loop()
buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);

// check if the pushbutton is pressed.
// if it is, the buttonState is HIGH:
if (buttonState == HIGH) {
// turn LED on:
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
else {
// turn LED off:
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

if (Serial.available())
char ch =;
if (ch == '#')
else if (ch == '/')

Friday, 10 December 2010

Getting there with the Buddha Box

Getting there with the Buddha Box, now there are buttons that let you talk back to the Buddha box..

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

/hmm the clicker method doesnt work as it speaks both sentences wqhen the box opens...not sure why
// set up a new serial port
//rxPin: the pin on which to receive serial data
//txPin: the pin on which to transmit serial data
const int buttonPin = 5; // the number of the pushbutton pin
const int ledPin = 13;
int clicker =0;
#define txPin 2
#define rxPin 3
#define busyPin 4
int buttonState = 0;
// set up SoftwareSerial port
SoftwareSerial speakJet = SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin);
char helloMiki[] = {
20, 96, 21, 114, 22, 88, 23, 5, 183, 7, 159, 146, 164, 6,6, 6, 140, 129, 194, 129};
char sounds[] = {
200, 201, 202, 203, 220, 221, 222};
char message[] = {
20, 96, 21, 114, 22, 88, 23, 5, 8, 135, 8, 146, 5, 128, 153, 5, 170, 154, 8, 188, 5, 152, 5, 170, 8,128,146,8,135,8,144,5,8,191,162,5,8,134,187};
char one[] = {
147, 142, 6};//'one'
char two[] ={
191, 162, 6};
char hbrock[] ={
159, 146, 164, 6, 171,148,135, 194};

void setup()
// initialize the serial communications with PC:
// define pin modes for tx, rx pins:
//pinMode(rxPin, INPUT);
pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT);

void SJBusy(){
delay(20); // wait 12ms minimum before checking SpeakJet busy pin
delay(250); // wait here while SpeakJet is busy (pin 4 is true)
delay(250); // a bit more delay is needed for some reason

void loop() {
buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);

// if it is, the buttonState is LOW:
if (buttonState == LOW) {
// turn LED on:
// speakJet.print(sounds);
// speakJet.print(message);
// speakJet.print(helloMiki);

digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

else {
// turn LED off:
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

// buttonRead2(clicker);

void buttonRead(int c){
if((buttonState ==LOW)&&(clicker<=4)){

// your hand is on the sensor

void buttonRead2(int c){

if((c>4)&& (buttonState ==LOW)){

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Streatham High Road is still a really important research location for me, and its recently given me an idea for a palm-reading device that will use computer vision to generate texts based on the pixel data in images of hands. The end device should be installed in a Streatham style shop - a particular aesthetic that is non-centralised, and more or less DIY - the opposite of what chain stores represent.

The Chiromancer

Palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry or chiromancy, is practiced all over the world, with roots in Indian astrology and Romani fortune telling. The objective is to evaluate a person's character or future by studying the palm of their hand. London has recently seen an explosion in high street palm readers and astrologers, which may be symptomatic of economic and existential uncertainty, or indeed the failure of our highly mediated urban environment to provide coherent answers to our most deep-seated questions.

The Chiromancer installation will represent a digital implementation of these ancient and culturally diverse divinatory practices, one that is rooted in the embodied and diverse nature of human experience.

Work description

The Chiromancer will be an installation for embodied readings of heart, head, life and fate. The portable hardware unit will use computer vision to generate an interactive experience of ancient predictive technologies. By analyzing hands the system will be able to make a series of readings, including information about physical activities that are best suited to each visitor. The Chiromancer will first invite visitors to place their palms on a smooth service, this will be scanned by an internal camera enabling the system to identify the four major lines on the human hand, which are:

(1) The heart line.

(2) The head line.

(3) The life line.

(4) The fate line (though not everybody has this).

Friday, 3 December 2010

In order to use the voice synthesiser I have to write with a new set of contsraints, which we might think of as a robot voice aesthetic, generating text from parts of speech - phonemes and allaphones etc, and, if I use the SpeakJet chip dictionary, a very limited vocabulary, such as

20, 96, 21, 114, 22, 88, 23, 5, 152, 8, 160, 136, 7, 146, 140, 14, 137, 188, 191, 128, 153, 187, 131, 145, 186



The PhraseALocutor generates codes which include data for speed and emphasis.

this is the dictionary I am working with to generate robotic spiritual advice:

a = \EYIY \IYable=\FAST \EYIY \BO \UH \LE about=\UX \OB \AYWW \TT across= \AX \EK \FAST \RR \OH \SE \SEact= \AY \EK \TTacting = \AY \EK \TT \STRESS \IH \NGEactivated= \AY \KE \TT \FAST \IH \VV \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDadd= \AY \AY \EDaddress= \SLOW \AY \ED \FAST \RR \EH \SLOW \SEadorn = \SLOW \AX \DO \FAST \OWRR \NEafraid= \AX \FF \FAST \RR \EYIY \EDafter= \AY \FF \TT \FAST \AXRRafternoon= \AY \FF \FAST \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \NE \UW \SLOW \NEagain= \AX \GE \SLOW \EY \NEagainst= \AX \GE \EY \NE \SE \SLOW \TTair= \EYRRairplane= \EYRR \PO \FAST \LE \EYIY \NEalarm = \SLOW \UX \LE \AWRR \MMalert= \AX \LE \AXRR \TT alien=\Fast \EY \Fast \EYIY \LE \IY \Slow \Fast \AX \NE alive= \UX \LE \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \VVall= \SLOW \AW \SLOW \LOalligator= \AY \LE \FAST \IH \GE \RELAX \EYIY \TT \FAST \AXRRalmost= \OH \FAST \LO \MM \STRESS \OW \SO \TTalone= \UX \LO \OW \OW \SLOW \NEalong= \UX \LO \OH \OH \SLOW \NGOalpha= \AY \LE \FAST \FF \UXalphabet= \AY \LO \FAST \FF \FAST \AX \STRESS \SOFT \BE \EY \SLOW \TTalready= \AW \LE \FAST \RR \EY \DE \IYalso= \SLOW \AW \SLOW \LO \SLOW \SO \OWWWalthough= \FAST \OH \SLOW \LO \DH \SLOW \OWWWalways= \SLOW \AW \LE \WW \EYIY \SLOW \SEam = \AY \AY \MMamong= \RELAX \UX \MM \UX \NGOample = \SLOW \AY \FAST \MM \PO \UX \LOan= \AY \AY \NEanchor =\FAST \EYIY \NGE \KE \RR and = \SLOW \AY \SLOW \NE \ODanger = \FAST \EYIY \FAST \IY \FAST \NE \GE \AX \RRangle = \EYIY \NGE \LEanimal= \SLOW \AY \NE \FAST \IH \MM \SLOW \LEanother= \UX \NE \UX \DH \AXRRanswer= \AY \NE \SLOW \SE \AXRRant = \SLOW \AY \NE \TTany= \STRESS \EY \NE \IY \IYapart= \UX \STRESS \PO \AWRR \TTapartment= \UX \STRESS \PO \FAST \AWRR \TT \MM \EY \NE \TTape= \EYIY \POappear= \UX \SLOW \PE \IYRRapple= \AY \PO \SLOW \UH \LEapril = \EYIY \PE \RR \LEare= \AWRRarm= \AWRR \MMarmy= \FAST \AW \RR \MM \IYaround= \UX \FAST \RR \AYWW \NE \ODarrow= \EYRR \OWWWart= \AWRR \TTas= \AY \SLOW \ZZask= \SLOW \AY \SLOW \SE \EKasleep= \AX \SLOW \SE \LE \IY \FAST \PEass= \AY \AY \SLOW \SEastronaut= \AY \SE \P4 \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \NO \OH \TTat= \AY \SLOW \TTate = \EYIY \TTaught = \SLOW \AW \SLOW \TTaugust = \SLOW \AW \GO \AX \SE \TTaunt= \OH \NE \TTautomobile= \SLOW \AW \TT \FAST \OWWW \FAST \MM \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BE \IY \LEautumn= \OH \TT \AX \MM \MMavenue= \AY \VV \EY \NE \IYUWawake= \UX \WW \EYIY \KEaway= \AX \WW \EYIYax = \AY \AY \EK \SEazure = \SLOW \AX \ZH \FAST \IHWW \RRb = \BE \IY \IYbabblebot=\BE \AY \OB \Slow \LO \BO \AW \TT baby= \BE \EYIY \EB \IYback= \BE \SLOW \AY \P4 \EKbad = \BE \AY \AY \EDbag= \BE \AY \AY \EGbake= \BE \EYIY \KEball= \BO \SLOW \OH \LOballoon= \BO \FAST \UX \LE \UW \UW \NEbanana= \BO \FAST \UX \NE \AY \NE \AXband= \BE \SLOW \AY \NE \ODbasic= \BE \EYIY \SE \IH \FAST \P4 \OKbathe = \BE \EYIY \DHbather = \BE \EYIY \DH \FAST \AXRRbathing = \BE \EYIY \DH \IH \NGEbeast = \BE \IY \SE \TTbeauty = \BE \IYUW \TT \IYbeer = \BE \IYRRbeige = \BE \EY \EYIY \JHbelow = \BE \IY \LE \OWWWbeta= \BE \EYIY \TT \UXbib = \BE \IH \IH \EBbird =\FAST \SOFT \BE \AXRR \ED blast = \BO \LE \AY \SE \TTbleed = \BO \LE \IY \DEblue = \BO \FAST \LO \IHWWbong= \BO \OH \SLOW \NGObook = \BO \SLOW \UH \OKbot = \BO \SLOW \OH \TTboy = \BO \OWIYbrain = \BO \FAST \RR \EYIY \NEbread = \FAST \SOFT \BE \RR \SLOW \EH \EDbright = \BO \FAST \RR \OHIY \TTbrightly = \BO \FAST \RR \OHIY \TT \LE \IYbroom = \BO \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \MMbrooms = \BO \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \MM \SEbrown = \BO \FAST \RR \AXUW \NEbrush = \BO \FAST \RR \SLOW \AX \SH \SHburn = \BE \AXRR \NEbusiness = \BE \IH \ZZ \NE \IH \SEby = \BO \OHIHc = \SE \SE \IY \IYcab = \KE \AY \AY \EBcake= \KE \EYIY \RELAX \EKcalendar = \KE \FAST \AY \LE \EH \NE \DO \FAST \AXRRcall= \KO \SLOW \OH \LOcamel= \KE \AY \MM \UX \LEcamp= \KE \AY \MM \POcan't = \KE \AY \NE \P4 \TTcan= \KE \SLOW \AY \NEcandle= \KE \SLOW \AY \NE \DE \EHLEcandy= \KE \AY \NE \DE \SLOW \IYcap= \KE \SLOW \AY \POcar = \KO \SLOW \AW \RRcare= \EK \EY \EYRRcarpet = \KO \FAST \AWRR \PE \IH \TTcarriage= \EK \FAST \EYRR \SLOW \IH \JHcarrot= \EK \FAST \EYRR \AX \TTcasual = \KE \AY \ZH \FAST \IHWW \AX \LEcat= \KE \AY \TTcatch= \KE \SLOW \AY \P4 \CHcent= \SE \EY \NE \P4 \TTcenter= \SE \EY \NE \TT \FAST \AXRRcertain = \SLOW \SE \FAST \AXRR \TT \EH \NEchair= \CH \EYRRchalk= \SLOW \CH \OH \FAST \LO \OKchange = \CH \EYIY \NE \JHchangeable = \CH \FAST \EYIY \FAST \NE \FAST \JH \AX \EB \UX \SLOW \LEcheck = \CH \EH \EH \EKchecked = \CH \EH \EH \EK \TTchecker = \CH \EH \EH \KE \AX \RRcheckers = \CH \EH \EH \KE \AX \RR \ZZchecking = \CH \EH \EH \KE \IH \NGEchecks = \CH \EH \EH \KE \SEcheek= \CH \SLOW \IY \KEcherry= \SLOW \CH \FAST \EYRR \IYchest= \CH \EH \EH \SE \TTchests = \CH \EH \EH \SE \TSchi= \KO \OHIYchicken= \CH \IH \KE \EH \NEchip = \CH \IH \IH \PEchips = \CH \IH \IH \PE \SEchurch = \CH \AX \RR \CHcircle= \SLOW \SO \FAST \AXRR \KO \UH \LOcircus= \SLOW \SO \FAST \AXRR \KE \AX \SLOW \SOcity= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \IH \TT \IYclap= \KO \FAST \LE \AY \POclass= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \SLOW \SEclean= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \SLOW \IY \NEclear = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \IYRRclimb= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \OHIH \SLOW \MMclock = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LO \SLOW \OH \OKclose = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \OWWW \FAST \ZZcloset= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LO \SLOW \OH \FAST \ZZ \EH \TTcloth= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \SLOW \OH \TH \THclothes= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \OWWW \FAST \ZZcloud= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \AYWW \ODclown = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \AYWW \NOcoat= \KO \OWWW \TTcob =\KO \SLOW \OH \Fast \P4 \OB cognitive = \KO \OH \GO \FAST \NE \FAST \IH \TT \IH \VVcoin= \OK \OWIY \NEcold= \OK \OWWW \LO \FAST \DOcollide = \KO \UX \LE \OHIH \EDcolor= \KO \SLOW \UX \LO \FAST \AXRRcom = \KO \OH \OH \MMcomb = \KO \OW \MMcome = \KE \SLOW \UX \MMcomputer = \KE \UX \MM \FAST \PE \FAST \IYUW \TT \AX \RRcomputers=\KE \UX \MM \FAST \PE \FAST \IYUW \TT \AX \RR \SE contain= \KE \AX \NE \TT \EYIY \NEcontainer= \KE \AX \NE \TT \FAST \EYIY \NE \FAST \AXRRcook= \KO \SLOW \UH \KOcookie = \KO \SLOW \UH \KE \IYcool= \KO \SLOW \UW \LEcoop = \KE \UW \UW \POcopy = \KO \SLOW \OH \PE \FAST \IYcore = \KO \SLOW \OWRRcork = \KO \OWRR \EKcorn = \KO \OWRR \NOcorner = \KO \FAST \OWRR \NE \FAST \AXRRcorona = \KO \OW \RR \OW \NO \AXcorrect = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TTcorrected = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TT \IH \EDcorrecting = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TT \IH \NGEcorrects = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TScost= \KO \SLOW \AW \SE \TTcosts = \KO \SLOW \AW \SE \TScotton = \KO \SLOW \OH \TT \AX \NEcould = \KO \UH \UH \ODcount= \KE \FAST \AYWW \NE \TTcountry= \KO \UX \NE \TT \RR \IYcover= \KO \UX \VV \AXRRcow = \KO \AYWWcracker= \EK \FAST \RR \AY \KE \AXRRcrain = \KE \RR \EYIY \NEcrayon= \EK \RR \FAST \EYIY \OH \NEcreated= \KO \Fast \RR \IY \EYIY \TT \IH \ED crib = \KO \RR \SLOW \IH \EBcross= \OK \FAST \RR \OH \SLOW \SEcrowd= \KO \FAST \RR \AYWW \ODcrown = \KE \FAST \RR \AYWW \NEcry= \KO \FAST \RR \OHIYcub =\KO \SLOW \UX \EB cup= \KO \SLOW \UX \P4 \POcurb = \KO \AXRR \EBcut= \KE \UX \P4 \TTcute = \KE \IYUW \P4 \TTd = \DE \IY \IYdaisy= \DE \EYIY \ZZ \FAST \IYdance= \DE \SLOW \AY \NE \SLOW \SEdanger = \DE \EYIY \FAST \NE \FAST \JH \FAST \AXRRdark= \DO \AWRR \P4 \EKdate = \DE \FAST \EYIY \IY \P4 \TTdaughter = \DE \SLOW \AW \TT \FAST \AXRRday = \DE \EYIYdeactivated= \DE \IY \P4 \AY \KE \TT \IH \VV \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDdear= \DE \IY \FAST \IYRRdecember = \DE \FAST \IY \SE \EH \MM \EB \FAST \RRdeclare = \DE \FAST \IY \P4 \EK \FAST \LE \EYRRdeep= \DE \SLOW \IY \P4 \PEdeer= \DE \IYRRdelta= \DE \EHLE \TT \FAST \UXdentist= \DE \FAST \EY \NE \TT \IH \SE \TTdesert= \DE \STRESS \EH \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \TTdesk= \DE \EH \SE \KEdessert= \DE \EH \FAST \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \TTdictionary= \FAST \DE \FAST \STRESS \IH \KE \CH \AX \NE \FAST \EYRR \IYdifferent= \DE \FAST \IH \FF \RR \FAST \EH \NE \TTdifficult= \DE \FAST \IH \FF \IH \KO \FAST \UH \LE \TTdime= \DO \OHIY \MMdinner= \DE \IH \NE \FAST \AXRRdirection= \DE \FAST \AXRR \EH \KE \SH \AX \NEdirt= \DE \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR \P4 \TTdirty= \DE \FAST \AXRR \TT \SLOW \IYdiscover= \DE \FAST \IH \SE \KE \UX \VV \AXRRdish= \DE \SLOW \IH \SLOW \SHdistance= \DE \FAST \IH \SE \TT \AX \NE \SLOW \SEdivide = \DE \FAST \IH \VV \OHIH \DEdivided = \DE \FAST \IH \VV \OHIH \DE \SLOW \IH \EDdo = \DE \IHWWdoctor= \DO \OH \KE \TT \FAST \AXRRdodge = \DO \OH \OH \OD \JHdoe = \DO \OWWWdog = \DO \OH \OH \OGdoing = \DE \FAST \IHWW \SLOW \IH \NGEdoll= \DO \OH \OH \LOdollar= \DO \FAST \OH \SLOW \LE \AXRRdolphin= \DO \OH \LO \FF \IH \NEdong= \DO \SLOW \OH \SLOW \NGOdoor= \DO \OWRRdot = \DO \SLOW \OH \TTdouble =\DO \UX \OB \UH \LE down = \DO \AYWW \NEdozen= \DE \UX \FAST \ZZ \EY \NEdragon= \DO \FAST \RR \AY \FAST \GE \AX \NEdrain = \DE \FAST \RR \EYIY \NEdraw= \DO \FAST \RR \OH \OHdress= \DE \FAST \RR \SLOW \EY \SEdrill= \DE \FAST \RR \SLOW \IH \LEdrink= \DE \FAST \RR \RELAX \IY \NGE \EKdrive= \DO \FAST \RR \OHIH \VVdrop= \DO \FAST \RR \SLOW \OH \FAST \POdrum= \DE \FAST \RR \SLOW \UX \MMdry= \DO \FAST \RR \OHIYduck= \DO \SLOW \UX \KEduring= \DO \FAST \AXRR \SLOW \IH \NGEdusts = \DO \AX \SE \P4 \TSdwarfs = \DO \FAST \WW \OWRR \FF \SEe = \IY \IYeach= \IY \IY \P4 \CHeagle= \IY \GE \AX \LEear = \IYRR \RRearly= \FAST \AXRR \LE \FAST \IYearn = \AX \RR \NEearring = \IYRR \FAST \RR \IY \NGEearth= \AXRR \TH \THeasy= \SLOW \IY \ZZ \FAST \IYeat= \SLOW \IY \TTeffort = \SLOW \EH \FF \FAST \OWRR \TTegg= \SLOW \EY \GEeight = \EYIY \P4 \TTeighteen =\EYIY \P4 \TT \IY \NE eighty = \EYIY \P4 \TT \IYeither= \SLOW \IY \FAST \DH \AXRRelbow= \EH \LE \SOFT \BO \OWWWelephant= \EHLE \FAST \UX \FF \SLOW \AX \NE \TTeleven =\FAST \IH \LE \EH \VV \Fast \EH \NE emotional = \IY \MM \OW \SH \FAST \AX \NE \FAST \UX \LEempty= \EY \MM \PE \TT \IYend = \SLOW \EH \SLOW \NE \ODengage = \SLOW \IH \NE \P4 \GE \EYIY \JHengagement = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \GE \EYIY \JH \FAST \MM \FAST \EY \NE \TTengages = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \FAST \ZZengaging = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \NGEengine= \EY \NE \FAST \JH \SLOW \IH \NEenjoy= \EY \NE \FAST \JH \OWIYenough= \RELAX \SLOW \IY \NE \SLOW \AX \FFenrage = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JHenraged = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JH \EDenrages = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JH \IH \FAST \ZZenraging = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JH \IH \NGEenter= \SLOW \EY \NE \TT \FAST \AXRRentire= \SLOW \EY \NE \P4 \TT \OHIH \FAST \RRepsillon= \EH \PO \SE \SLOW \IH \FAST \LO \FAST \OH \NOequal = \IY \KO \FAST \WW \UX \LEequals = \IY \KO \FAST \WW \UX \LE \FAST \ZZerection= \SLOW \IY \FAST \RR \EH \KE \SH \AX \NEerror = \FAST \EYRR \OWRRescape = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \P4 \PEescaped = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \PE \TTescapes = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \PE \SEescaping = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \PE \IH \NGEeta= \EYIY \TT \FAST \UXeven = \SLOW \IY \VV \EY \NEever= \EY \VV \FAST \AXRRevery= \EY \VV \RR \IYextend = \IH \KE \SE \TT \FAST \EY \SLOW \NE \ODextent = \EH \KE \SE \TT \FAST \EH \NE \TTextra= \EY \KE \SE \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \AXextract = \EH \KE \SE \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \AY \EK \TTeye= \OHIYf = \SLOW \EH \FFface= \FF \EYIY \SEfah = \FF \OH \OHfall = \FF \SLOW \OH \LOfallen = \FF \SLOW \OH \LE \FAST \EH \NEfalls = \FF \OH \OH \LO \SEfamily= \FF \AY \MM \FAST \AX \LE \IYfamous = \FF \EYIY \MM \AX \SEfan = \FF \AY \AY \NEfar = \FF \AWRRfarm = \FF \AWRR \MMfart= \FF \AWRR \TTfast = \FF \AY \SE \TTfaster = \FF \AY \SE \TT \RRfastest = \FF \AY \SE \TT \EH \SE \TTfather = \FF \SLOW \AW \DH \AX \RRfaucet = \FF \AW \SLOW \SE \EY \TTfaucets = \FF \AW \SLOW \SE \EY \TSfault = \FF \OH \OH \LO \TTfaults = \FF \OH \OH \LO \TSfavorite= \FF \FAST \EYIY \VV \FAST \RR \IH \TTfear = \FF \IYRRfears = \FF \IYRR \SEfeature = \FF \IY \CH \AX \RRfebruary = \FF \EH \EB \RR \UW \EYRR \IYfed = \FF \EH \EH \EDfeed = \FF \IY \IY \EDfeeding = \FF \IY \IY \DE \IH \NGEfeeds = \FF \IY \IY \DE \ZZfeel= \SLOW \FF \SLOW \IY \LOfeet = \FF \IY \TTfence= \FF \EY \NE \SO \SOfern = \FF \AXRR \NEfew = \FF \IYUWfibber =\Slow \FF \IH \Soft \BO \Slow \RR fiction = \FF \IH \KE \SH \AX \NEfield = \FF \SLOW \IY \LE \DEfifteen =\FF \IH \FF \TT \IY \NE fifty = \FF \IH \FF \TT \IYfight = \SLOW \FF \FAST \OHIY \P4 \TTfighter = \FF \OHIY \TT \RRfighting = \FF \OHIY \TT \IH \NGEfights = \FF \OHIY \TSfill= \FF \SLOW \RELAX \IH \LEfinally= \FF \FAST \OHIY \NO \FAST \LE \IYfind= \FF \OHIY \NE \ODfinger= \FF \IH \FAST \NGE \GE \AXRRfir = \FF \AXRRfire= \FF \OHIY \RRfirst= \FF \AXRR \SE \TTfish= \FF \IH \IH \SH \SHfist= \FF \IH \IH \SE \TTfit= \FF \IH \TTfive = \FF \OHIH \VVfix = \FF \IH \KE \SEfixed = \FF \IH \KE \SE \TTflag = \FF \LE \AY \AY \EGflat= \FF \LE \AY \TTflight = \FF \LE \OHIY \TTflights = \FF \LE \OHIY \TSfloat= \FF \LE \OWWW \TTfloor= \FF \LO \OWRRflour= \FF \LO \AYWW \RRflower= \FF \LO \AYWW \RRfly= \FF \LO \OHIYfollow= \FF \AW \LO \OWWWfood = \FF \UW \UW \DEfool = \FF \UW \UW \LOfoot= \FF \SLOW \UH \TTfootball= \FF \SLOW \UH \TT \FAST \P4 \SOFT \BO \OH \SLOW \LOfor = \FF \OWRRfore = \FF \OWRRforeign = \FF \OWRR \FAST \IH \NEforest= \FF \OWRR \FAST \EH \SE \TTforget= \FF \FAST \OWRR \GE \STRESS \EH \TTfork = \FF \OWRR \KEforks = \FF \OWRR \KE \SEform = \FF \OWRR \MMfort = \FF \OWRR \TTforth = \FF \OWRR \THforties = \FF \OWRR \TT \IY \FAST \ZZforts = \FF \OWRR \TSfortune = \FF \OWRR \CH \AX \NEforty =\FF \Fast \OWRR \TT \IY forward= \FF \FAST \OWRR \FAST \WW \AXRR \EDfour =\FF \Fast \OW \OWRR fourteen =\FF \FAST \OWRR \Fast \TT \IY \NE fox = \FF \SLOW \OH \KO \SEfree = \SLOW \FF \RR \SLOW \IYfreeze = \FF \RR \IY \ZZfreezer = \FF \RR \IY \ZZ \FAST \AXRRfreezers = \FF \RR \IY \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \ZZfreezing = \FF \RR \IY \ZZ \IH \NGEfriday = \FF \RR \OHIY \DE \EYIYfriend= \FF \RR \EH \NE \DOfright= \FF \RR \OHIY \TTfrog= \FF \RR \OH \SLOW \OGfrom= \FF \RR \UX \SLOW \MMfront= \FF \RR \UX \NE \TTfrozen = \FF \RR \OW \ZZ \EH \NEfruit= \FF \RR \UW \TTfull = \FF \RELAX \UH \RELAX \UH \LOfun= \FF \SLOW \UX \NEfunny= \FF \SLOW \UX \FAST \NE \IYfur= \FF \AXRRfurniture = \FF \FAST \AXRR \NE \FAST \IH \CH \FAST \AXRRfxalarm= \RESET \REPEAT \3 \A7 \REPEAT \3 \A6 \REPEAT \3 \A4 \REPEAT \3 \A3 \A1 \REPEAT \3 \A0 \RESETfxalpha= a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y zfxberzerkchickenfightlikearobot=\SPEED \120 \BEND \4 \NTA1 chicken,, fight like a robot \Reset fxberzerkgotthehumaniod=\SPEED \120 \BEND \3 \NTG2 got thu humaniod,, \SPEED \120 \BEND \10 \NTA2 got thu intruder \RESET fxberzerkthehumaniodmustnotescape=\SPEED \120 \BEND \10 \NTA1 thu humaniod must not escape \RESET fxburningfusewithbang= \RESET \SPEED \114 \CH \P1 \CH \P1 \CH \SPEED \0 \REPEAT \6 \SH \SE \M1 \RESETfxburp=\Reset \SPEED \74 \BEND \0 \NTC1 \AXRR \SPEED \0 \P0 fxcountdown=\RESET ten \P3 nine \P3 eight \P3 seven \P3 six \P3 five \P3 four \P3 three \P3 two \P3 onefxcrickets=\RESET \C3 \P4 \C3 \P3 \NTC2 \C3 \P6 \C3 \P2 \C3 \P6 \C3 \P2 \BEND \14 \NTD3 \SPEED \90 \C3 \P2 \C3 \P4 \RESET fxdanger=\RESET \NTA#2 \BEND \1 \A5 \P5 danger \P5 \A5 \P5 danger \P5 \A5 \P5 danger \RESET fxdemowords=\RESET \NTC2 activated, \NTD2 basic, \NTE2 correct, \NTF2 discover, \NTD2 engage, \NTC2 favorite, \P1 guaging,, \NTB2 humaniod, \NTA2 innovations, \NTG2 january, \NTF2 keep, \NTE2 learn, music, \NTC2 new, \NTD2 often,, \NTC2 plenty, \NTE2 quick, \NTD2 ready, \NTC2 sincerity,, \NTC3 teacher, \NTB2 uncle, \NTA2 vacation, \NTG2 welcome, \NTF2 xray, \NTE2 yes,, \SPEED \120 and \NTD2 finally,, \SPEED \100 \NTC2 zebra \SPEED \0 \P0 \RESET fxfrogs=\RESET \NTC1 \SPEED \20 \BEND \0 \BO \FAST \UX \ED \P2 \BEND \10 \NTD2 \FAST \WW \FAST \OHIY \Fast \ZZ \SLOW \P1 \NTA1 \SPEED \60 \BEND \3 \FAST \AXRR \P2 \NTC1 \SPEED \20 \BEND \0 \BO \FAST \UX \ED \BEND \10 \NTD2 \FAST \WW \FAST \OHIY \Fast \ZZ \SLOW \P4 \NTA1 \SPEED \60 \BEND \3 \FAST \AXRR \Reset fxmonths=\RESET january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, decemberfxnumbers=\RESET one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, thousand, million fxping= \RESET \SPEED \50 \BEND \0 \M0 \M0 \M0 \RESETfxrobotbede=\RESET \SPEED \127 \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \RESET fxrobotbeeps=\R2 \A4 \C6 \C1 \D5 \R3 \B4 \B2 fxrobotdroid= \RESET \B3 \P4 \B2 \P5 \R7 \R0 \R7 \R2 \R7 \R4 \R7 \R6 \R8 \R3 \R3 \R3 \P4 \B6 \P4 \B6 \P4 \C8 \P4 \C9fxrobotsad=\Reset \BEND \0 \SPEED \61 \B8 \P1 \B3 \B0 \P1 \C9 \P1 \Reset fxsongironman=\RESET \BEND \2 \SPEED \72 \NTA1 \OHIH \IH \DELAY \23 \SPEED \68 \NTC2 \AY \FAST \AY \MM \DELAY \25 \FAST \OHIH \IH \FAST \NTD2 \AX \SPEED \90 \RR \FAST \NO \FAST \STRESS \MM \AY \FAST \AY \SLOW \NE \RESET fxsongscales=\RESET \NTC2 doe \NTD2 ray \NTE2 me \NTF2 fah \NTG2 so \NTA2 la \NTB2 tee \NTC3 doe \RESET fxsongstar=\RESET \NTG2 \DE \REPEAT \6 \IY \NTE2 \DO \REPEAT \2 \UX \NTC2 \DO \REPEAT \8 \UW \NTE2 \DO \REPEAT \8 \UX \NTG2 \DO \REPEAT \8 \IY \NTC3 \DO \REPEAT \8 \UX \MM \MM \P0 \RESET fxstatus1= \RESET \B6 \P3 \B6 \P3 \B6 \P3 \B7 \B0 \RESETfxstatus2=\Reset \B0 \P2 \B0 \P2 \B0 \P2 \B6 \P2 \B0 \P2 \B6 fxtest=\Reset testing,, testing,, one two three fxufo= \RESET \REPEAT \5 \A5fxwomwom=\SPEED \120 \BEND \0 \C0 \BEND \ 1 \C0 \BEND \2 \C0 \BEND \3 \C0 \BEND \4 \C0 \BEND \5 \C0 \BEND \6 \C0 \BEND \7 \C0 \BEND \8 \C0 \BEND \9 \C0 \BEND \10 \C0 \BEND \11 \C0 \BEND \12 \C0 \BEND \13 \C0 \BEND \14 \C0 \BEND \15 \C0 \BEND \0 \C2 \BEND \ 1 \C2 \BEND \2 \C2 \BEND \3 \C2 \BEND \4 \C2 \BEND \5 \C2 \BEND \6 \C2 \BEND \7 \C2 \BEND \8 \C2 \BEND \9 \C2 \BEND \10 \C2 \BEND \11 \C2 \BEND \12 \C2 \BEND \13 \C2 \BEND \14 \C2 \BEND \15 \C2 g = \JH \IY \IYgame =\Slow \GE \EYIY \MM gamma=\Slow \GE \AY \MM \UX garden= \GO \AW \FAST \RR \FAST \DE \EH \NEgarment = \GO \FAST \AWRR \MM \EH \NE \TTgate =\Slow \GE \EYIY \TT gates =\Slow \GE \EYIY \SLOW \TS gauge =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH gentlemen = \JH \FAST \EH \NE \TT \LE \MM \EH \SLOW \NEget =\Slow \GE \SLOW \EH \TT giant= \JH \OHIY \FAST \EY \NE \TTgift=\Slow \GE \IH \FF \TT giraffe= \JH \FAST \AXRR \SLOW \AY \FFgirl=\Slow \GE \Fast \AXRR \Fast \RR \SLOW \LO give=\Slow \GE \SLOW \IH \FAST \VV glad=\Slow \GO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \ED glass=\Slow \GO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \SE glasses=\Slow \GO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \SE \FAST \SOFT \EH \FAST \ZZ glove=\Slow \GO \FAST \LO \UX \SLOW \VV glue =\Slow \GO \FAST \LO \IHWW go =\Slow \GO \SLOW \OWWW goat=\Slow \GO \OWWW \TT gong=\Slow \GO \SLOW \OH \NGO good =\Slow \GO \UH \UH \OD goodbye=\Slow \GO \UW \OD \FAST \P4 \SOFT \BO \OHIH goose=\Slow \GO \SLOW \UW \SE got =\Slow \GO \OH \OH \TT grand=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \AY \NE \OD grandfather=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \AY \NE \DO \FF \SLOW \AW \DH \AX \RR grandmother=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \AY \NE \ED \MM \UX \TH \AXRR grape=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \EYIY \PO grapefruit=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \EYIY \PO \FF \FAST \RR \UW \TT grass=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \AY \SE \SE grasshopper=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \AY \SE \HO \OH \PO \FAST \AXRR gray=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \EYIY grease =\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \SE great =\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \EYIY \TT green =\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \NE grey=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \EYIY ground=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \AY \FAST \AYWW \FAST \NE \OD group=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \UW \UW \PO grow=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \OW \OWWW guaged =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH \SOFT \DE guages =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \ZZ guaging =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \NGE guest =\Slow \GE \EH \EH \SE \TT h = \EYIY \CHhair = \HE \EY \EYRRhalf= \HO \SLOW \AY \FFhammer= \HE \AY \MM \AXRRhand = \HE \AY \SLOW \NE \ODhandle= \HE \SLOW \AY \NE \FAST \DE \FAST \AX \SLOW \LEhandstands = \HE \AY \NE \DE \SE \TT \AY \NE \ED \SEhappen= \HE \AY \PO \EH \NEhappy= \HE \AY \PE \IYhard= \HO \AWRR \ODhat = \HE \SLOW \AY \TThave= \HE \SLOW \AY \VVhe = \HE \IYhead= \HE \SLOW \EH \DEhealth= \HE \SLOW \EH \LE \SLOW \THhear = \HE \IYRRheart= \HE \AWRR \TTheat= \HE \SLOW \IY \TTheavy= \HE \EH \VV \IYhell = \HE \EH \LE \LEhello = \HE \FAST \EHLE \LO \OWWWhelp= \HE \EHLE \POher= \HE \AXRRhere= \HE \IYRRhers= \HE \FAST \AXRR \ZZherself= \HE \FAST \AXRR \SE \EH \LO \FFhex = \HE \SLOW \EH \KE \SEhexagon = \HE \EH \KE \SE \FAST \AX \GO \OH \NOhi= \HO \OHIYhide= \HO \OHIY \P4 \SLOW \EDhigh= \HO \OHIYhim= \HE \SLOW \IH \MMhimself= \HE \IH \MM \SE \EH \LO \FFhis= \HE \IH \ZZhit= \HE \IH \TThobbies= \HO \OH \Fast \BE \Slow \IY \Fast \SE hobby= \HO \OH \Fast \BE \Slow \IY hoe = \HE \OW \OWWWhold= \HO \OW \SLOW \LO \ODhole= \HO \OWWW \SLOW \LOholiday= \HO \OH \LE \IH \DE \EYIYhollow= \HO \OH \LO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWhome= \HO \OW \OW \SLOW \MMhonest= \OH \NE \EH \SE \TThoney= \HO \UX \NE \IYhook= \HO \UH \OKhop= \HO \OH \POhorn= \HO \OWRR \NEhorse= \HO \OWRR \SEhot = \HE \OH \TThour = \AYWW \RRhouse= \HO \AYWW \SEhow= \HO \SLOW \AYWWhug= \HO \SLOW \UX \SLOW \OGhuman= \HE \FAST \IYUW \MM \EH \NEhumaniod= \HO \FAST \IYUW \MM \UX \FAST \NO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWIY \EDhundred = \HO \UX \NE \ED \FAST \RR \EH \EDhung = \HE \SLOW \UX \SLOW \NGOhunger = \HO \UX \FAST \NGE \GE \RRhungry= \HO \UX \NGE \GE \FAST \RR \IYhurry= \HO \AXRR \IYhurt= \HO \AXRR \TTi = \OHIHice= \OHIY \SE \SEicecream= \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \SLOW \SE \FAST \P4 \KE \RR \IY \MMif= \IH \FF \FFill= \IH \LOin= \SLOW \IH \SLOW \NEinfinitive = \SLOW \IH \FAST \NE \SLOW \FF \IH \NE \IH \TT \IH \VVinjure = \SLOW \IH \NE \JH \FAST \AXRRinnovate = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \OW \VV \EYIY \TTinnovations = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \OW \VV \FAST \EYIY \SH \AX \NO \SEinsect= \IH \NE \SE \EH \KE \TTinside= \IH \NE \SLOW \SE \OHIY \EDinstead= \IH \NE \SE \TT \SLOW \STRESS \EH \EDinstruct = \IH \NE \SE \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \AX \OK \TTinterrupt = \IH \NE \TT \AX \FAST \RR \UX \PE \TTinto= \IH \NE \TT \IHWWintrigue = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \EGintrigued = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \GE \EDintrigues = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \GE \ZZintriguing = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \GE \IH \NGEintruder= \IH \NE \TT \RR \UW \FAST \DE \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRinvestigate = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TTinvestigated = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDinvestigates = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \SEinvestigating = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \NGEinvestigator = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \FAST \AXRRinvestigators = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZinvite= \FAST \IH \NE \VV \OHIY \TTiota= \OHIY \OW \TT \UXiron= \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIH \FAST \AX \RR \NOis = \SLOW \IH \ZZisland= \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \LE \EH \NE \DOit = \SLOW \IH \SLOW \TTj = \JH \EYIYjacket= \JH \AY \KE \IH \TTjam= \JH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \MMjanuary = \JH \AY \NE \FAST \IYUW \FAST \EYRR \IYjar= \JH \AWRRjelly= \JH \EH \LE \IYjet = \JH \EH \EH \TTjob =\JH \AW \AW \P4 \OB joke= \FAST \JH \SLOW \OW \OKjoy= \JH \OWIYjudge = \JH \AX \AX \ED \JHjuice= \JH \IYUW \SE \SEjuly = \JH \FAST \IHWW \LE \OHIHjump= \JH \UX \MM \POjumped = \JH \AX \MM \PE \TTjune = \JH \IYUW \NOjust= \JH \AX \SE \TTk = \KE \EYIYkangaroo= \KE \AY \FAST \IY \NGE \FAST \AX \RR \UH \UHkappa= \KE \AY \PO \UXkeep=\KE \Slow \IY \PE key = \KE \IY \IYkick= \KE \IH \KEkitchen= \KE \IH \CH \EH \NEkite = \KE \OHIH \TTknee= \NE \IY \IYknife= \NE \OHIY \FFknob = \NO \OH \OH \OBknock= \NE \OH \KOknot= \NE \SLOW \OH \TTknow = \NO \OW \OWWWl = \EH \EHLEla = \LO \OH \OHladder= \LE \AY \DE \AXRRlake = \LE \EYIY \EKlambda= \LE \AY \MM \DO \UXlamp= \LE \AY \MM \POland= \LE \AY \NE \DOlapel = \LE \UX \PE \EH \EHLElarge= \LE \AWRR \JHlast= \LE \SLOW \AY \SE \TTlate= \LE \EYIY \TTlaugh= \LE \AY \AY \FFlay= \LE \EYIY \FAST \IYlazy = \LE \EYIY \FAST \ZZ \IYlead = \LE \EH \EH \EDleaf= \LE \IY \FFlean= \LE \IY \NEleap= \LE \IY \PElearn= \LE \AXRR \NEleash = \LE \IY \IY \SH \SHleave= \LE \IY \VVleft= \LE \EH \FF \TTleg= \LE \EH \EGlegislate = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TTlegislated = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDlegislates = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TT \SElegislating = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \NGElegislature = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \CH \AXRRlei= \LE \EYIYlemon= \LE \EH \MM \AX \NElength= \LE \EH \NGE \THless= \LE \EH \SE \SElet= \LE \EH \TTletter = \LE \EH \TT \AX \RRlettuce= \LE \EH \TT \AX \SE \SElibrary= \LE \OHIY \EB \RR \FAST \EYRR \IYlid= \LE \SLOW \IH \EDlie= \LE \OHIY \FAST \IYlift= \LE \IH \FF \TTlight= \LE \OHIY \TTlike = \LE \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \EKline= \LE \OHIY \NElinguist = \LE \IH \NGE \FAST \WW \IH \SE \TTlion= \LE \OHIY \AX \NEliquid= \LE \IH \KE \FAST \WW \IH \EDlisten= \LE \IH \SE \EH \NElists = \LE \IH \SE \TSlitter =\LE \IH \TT \AXRR little = \LE \IH \TT \EHLElock= \LO \OH \OKlong= \LO \OH \SLOW \NGOlook= \LO \SLOW \STRESS \UH \OKloose= \LE \UW \UW \SElose= \LO \SLOW \UW \FAST \ZZloud= \LO \AYWW \DOlove= \LO \SLOW \UX \SLOW \VVlow= \SLOW \LO \OWWWluke = \LE \IHWW \OKlunch= \LO \UX \SLOW \NE \CHlynxmotion= \LE \FAST \IH \NGE \KO \FAST \SO \FAST \MM \OW \SH \AX \NEm = \EH \EH \MMmachine= \MM \FAST \UX \SLOW \SH \IY \NEmagnevation=\Fast \MM \AY \GE \Fast \NE \IH \VV \FAST \EYIY \SH \AX \NO mail= \MM \EYIY \LOmake= \MM \EYIY \EKmale= \MM \EYIY \LOmama = \MM \OH \OH \MM \OHman= \MM \SLOW \AY \SLOW \NEmany= \MM \EH \NE \IYmarch = \MM \AWRR \CHmarry= \MM \EYRR \IYmatch= \MM \AY \SLOW \CHmay = \MM \EYIYmaybe= \MM \EYIY \EB \IYme = \MM \IY \IYmean= \MM \SLOW \IY \NEmeasure = \MM \EH \ZH \FAST \AXRRmeasures = \MM \EH \ZH \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZmelt= \MM \EH \LE \TTmemories = \MM \EH \MM \FAST \AXRR \IY \FAST \ZZmemory = \MM \EH \MM \FAST \AXRR \IYmen = \MM \EH \EH \NEmend= \MM \EH \NE \ODmerry= \MM \EH \FAST \EYRR \IYmetal= \MM \EH \TT \EHLEmice = \MM \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \SE \SEmiddle= \MM \IH \DO \LOmight = \MM \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \TTmilk = \MM \IH \FAST \LE \EKmillion =\MM \IH \FAST \LE \FAST \IYEH \Slow \NE mind= \MM \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \NE \ODmine = \MM \OHIY \NEminus= \MM \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \FAST \NO \SLOW \UX \SEminute = \MM \FAST \IH \NE \IH \TTmirror= \MM \IYRR \OWRRmistake= \MM \FAST \IH \SE \TT \EYIY \EKmitten= \MM \IH \SLOW \TT \FAST \EY \NEmix= \MM \IH \KE \SEmonday = \MM \UX \NE \DE \EYIYmoney= \MM \UX \NE \IYmonkey= \MM \UX \NE \KE \IYmonth = \MM \UX \NE \THmoon= \MM \UW \NEmore= \MM \FAST \OW \OWRRmorning= \MM \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \NE \IH \NGEmost= \MM \SLOW \OW \SE \TTmother= \MM \UX \TH \FAST \AXRRmotor= \MM \OW \TT \FAST \AXRRmountain= \MM \FAST \AYWW \NE \TT \EY \NEmouse = \MM \AYWW \SEmouth= \MM \AYWW \SLOW \THmove= \MM \SLOW \UW \VVmu= \MM \IYUWmuch= \MM \UX \CHmud= \MM \SLOW \UX \DOmuseum= \MM \IYUW \FAST \ZZ \IY \FAST \UX \MMmusic= \MM \IYUW \ZZ \IH \EKmust= \MM \UX \SE \TT my = \MM \OHIYmyself= \MM \OHIY \SE \EH \LE \FFn = \EH \EH \NEnail= \NE \EYIY \LOname = \NE \EYIY \MMnarrow= \NE \EYRR \OWWWnation = \NE \EYIY \SH \AX \NEnear= \NE \IYRRnearly= \NE \FAST \IYRR \LE \IYneck= \NE \EH \EKneed = \NE \SLOW \IY \EDneedle= \NE \IY \DO \LOneighbor= \NE \EYIY \EB \AXRRneither= \NE \IY \TH \FAST \AXRRnet= \NE \EH \TT network=\NE \EH \TT \Fast \WW \Fast \AXRR \EK never= \NE \EH \FAST \VV \AXRRnew= \NE \IYUWnext= \NE \EH \KE \SE \TTnickel= \NE \IH \KE \EHLEnight= \NE \OHIY \TTnine =\NE \Stress \OHIH \NE nineteen =\NE \Fast \Relax \OHIY \NE \TT \IY \SLOW \NE ninety =\NE \Fast \Relax \OHIY \NE \TT \IY nip = \NE \IH \PEnipped = \NE \IH \PE \P4 \TTnipping = \NE \IH \PE \IH \NGEnips = \NE \IH \PE \SEno = \NO \OWWWnobody= \NO \OW \FAST \P4 \SOFT \BO \OH \DE \IYnoise = \NO \OWIY \FAST \IY \SEnone= \NO \SLOW \UX \NEnoon= \NO \SLOW \UW \NEnose= \NO \OWWW \ZZnot= \NE \OH \TTnotice= \NO \OW \TT \IH \SEnovember = \NO \OW \VV \FAST \EH \MM \EB \FAST \AXRRnow= \NO \AYWWnu= \NO \IHWWnumber= \NE \UX \MM \SOFT \BO \RRnurse= \NO \AXRR \SEnut= \NO \UX \TTo = \OW \OWWWo'clock= \OW \P4 \KO \LO \OH \OKoar= \OWRR \FAST \RRobey= \SLOW \OW \SOFT \BO \EYIYobject= \OH \OB \JH \EH \EK \TTocean= \OW \SH \AX \NEoctober = \OH \OK \TT \OW \SOFT \BO \FAST \AXRRoctopus= \FAST \OH \KO \TT \FAST \AX \PO \FAST \UH \SEof = \SLOW \UX \VVoff = \OH \OH \FF \FFoften= \OH \FF \TT \EH \NEold= \OW \LO \DOomega= \OW \MM \EYIY \GE \UXomicron= \OW \MM \IH \KO \RR \OH \NOon = \OH \OH \NOonce= \WW \UX \NE \SEone =\WW \Stress \OH \SLOW \NE only= \OW \NO \LE \IYoopic= \SLOW \UW \PO \SLOW \IH \EKopen= \OW \PO \EH \NOor= \OWRRorange= \OWRR \NE \JHother= \UX \TH \AXRRouch = \AYWW \CHought= \AW \AW \TTour = \AYWW \RRout = \AYWW \TToutdoors= \AYWW \TT \SLOW \DO \OWRR \SEover = \SLOW \OW \FAST \VV \AXRRowl = \AYWW \LOown= \OW \SLOW \NEoz = \OH \OH \ZZp = \PE \IY \IYpackage= \PE \SLOW \AY \KE \EH \JHpaint= \PE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \NE \TTpaintbrush= \PE \FAST \EYIY \NE \TT \SOFT \BO \FAST \RR \UX \SHpan= \PO \SLOW \AY \NOpants= \PO \AY \NO \TT \SEpaper= \PE \FAST \EYIY \PE \AXRRparakeet= \PE \FAST \EYRR \UX \KE \IY \TTparent= \PO \AY \FAST \RR \FAST \EH \NE \TTpark= \PO \FAST \AWRR \FAST \RR \EKparrot= \PE \EYRR \UX \TTpart= \PO \AWRR \TTparts = \PO \AWRR \TSpass= \PO \AY \SEpast= \PO \AY \SLOW \SE \TTpaste= \PE \EYIY \SE \TTpath= \PO \AY \SLOW \THpaw= \PO \SLOW \OH \OHpea= \PE \IY \IYpeace= \PE \SLOW \IY \SEpeach= \PE \SLOW \IY \CHpeanut= \PE \FAST \IY \NO \UX \TTpear= \PO \EYRRpeck = \PE \EH \EH \EKpeg = \PE \EH \EH \SLOW \EGpen= \PE \EH \NEpencil= \PE \FAST \EH \NE \SE \AX \LOpenguin= \PE \EY \FAST \NGE \FAST \WW \IH \NEpenny= \PE \EH \NE \IYpeople = \PE \FAST \IY \PE \SLOW \LEpeppers = \PE \EH \PO \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZperhaps= \PO \FAST \AXRR \HO \AY \PE \SEpet= \PO \EH \TTpeter = \PE \FAST \IY \TT \AX \RRphase = \FF \EYIY \ZZphi= \FF \OHIYphysical = \FF \IH \ZZ \IH \KE \EHLEpi= \PO \OHIYpiano= \PE \IY \AY \NO \OWpick = \PE \IH \KOpicked = \PE \IH \KO \TTpickled = \PE \IH \KE \LE \LE \EDpicnic= \PE \IH \KE \NE \IH \EKpie= \PO \OHIYpiece= \PE \IY \SEpig= \PO \IH \EGpillow= \PO \SLOW \IH \LO \FAST \OWWWpilot= \PO \FAST \OHIH \LO \AX \TTpin = \PE \IH \NEping = \PE \IH \IH \SLOW \NGEpink= \PE \FAST \IY \NGE \EKpinned = \PE \SLOW \IH \SLOW \NE \ODpinning = \PE \SLOW \IH \NE \IH \NGEpins = \PE \IH \IH \NE \FAST \ZZpiper = \PO \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \PE \AX \FAST \AXRRplant= \PO \FAST \LO \AY \NE \TTplate= \PO \FAST \LE \EYIY \TTplay = \PO \FAST \LE \EH \EYIYplayed = \PE \FAST \LE \EH \FAST \EYIY \EDplayground= \PO \FAST \LE \EH \FAST \EYIY \GE \FAST \RR \FAST \AYWW \NO \ODplaything= \PO \FAST \LE \EH \FAST \EYIY \TH \IH \SLOW \NGEplease= \PO \FAST \LE \IY \ZZpleasure = \PE \FAST \LE \EH \ZH \AX \RRpledge = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JHpledged = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JH \ODpledges = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JH \IH \ZZpledging = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JH \IH \NGEplenty= \PO \FAST \LE \EH \NE \TT \IYplus = \PO \FAST \LO \UX \SEpocket= \PO \OH \KE \EH \TTpolice= \PO \FAST \UX \LE \IY \SEpolite= \PO \FAST \OW \LE \OHIY \TTpond= \PO \SLOW \OH \NE \ODpong= \PO \OH \SLOW \NGOpony= \PO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \NE \FAST \IYpoor= \PO \FAST \OW \OWRRpop = \PO \SLOW \OH \POpopcorn= \PO \OH \PO \KO \OWRR \NEpossible=\PO \OH \SE \IH \OB \LO post= \PO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SE \TTpot= \PO \SLOW \OH \TTpotato= \PO \OW \TT \FAST \EYIY \TT \OWpottery = \PO \FAST \OH \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RR \IYpour= \PO \FAST \OW \OWRRprepare= \PO \FAST \RR \FAST \IY \PE \EYRRpretend= \PO \FAST \RR \IY \TT \EH \NE \DOpretty= \PO \FAST \RR \IH \TT \IYprice= \PO \FAST \RR \OHIY \SEprize= \PO \FAST \RR \OHIY \FAST \ZZpromise= \PO \FAST \RR \OH \MM \IH \SEprove = \PE \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \SLOW \VVpsi= \SO \OHIYpudding= \PO \FAST \UH \DE \IH \NGE \GEpuddle= \PO \UX \DO \LEpull= \PO \UH \SLOW \LOpumpkin= \PO \UX \FAST \MM \P4 \KE \FAST \SOFT \IY \FAST \IH \NOpuppet= \PO \UX \PO \EH \TTpurple= \PO \FAST \AXRR \PO \SLOW \LOpush= \PO \SLOW \UH \SLOW \SHput= \PO \SLOW \UX \TTpuzzle= \PO \SLOW \UX \FAST \ZZ \LEq = \KE \IYUWquack = \KO \FAST \WW \AY \EKquantity= \KE \FAST \WW \OH \NE \TT \FAST \IH \TT \IYquart= \KO \FAST \OW \OWRR \TTquarter= \KO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \TT \FAST \AXRRquestion= \KO \FAST \WW \EH \SE \TT \FAST \IH \UX \NOquick = \KO \FAST \WW \SLOW \IH \P4 \EKquickly = \KO \FAST \WW \SLOW \IH \EK \LE \IYquiet= \KO \FAST \WW \OHIY \EH \TTquilt = \KO \FAST \WW \IH \LE \TTquit= \KO \FAST \WW \SLOW \IH \TTr = \AWRRrabbit=\SLOW \RR \AY \BE \RELAX \IH \TT race= \RR \EYIY \SEradio= \RR \EYIY \DE \FAST \IY \SLOW \OWrailroad= \RR \FAST \EYIY \FAST \IY \LE \FAST \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \ODrain= \RR \EYIY \NErainbow= \RR \FAST \EYIY \NE \SOFT \BO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWraise= \RR \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \ZZrather= \RR \AY \TH \AXRRray = \RR \RR \EYIYrays = \SLOW \RR \EY \FAST \EYIY \ZZreach= \RR \SLOW \IY \CHread = \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \EDready = \SLOW \RR \EY \DE \IYreceive= \RR \FAST \IY \SE \SLOW \IY \VVred = \RR \SLOW \EH \EDremember= \RR \IY \FAST \MM \EH \MM \EB \FAST \AXRRrepair = \RR \FAST \IY \PE \SLOW \EYRRrepeat= \RR \FAST \IY \PO \IY \TTreply= \RR \IY \PO \LO \FAST \FAST \OH \OHIYrest= \RR \EH \SE \TTreturn= \RR \IY \TT \AXRR \NErho= \RR \OWrib = \RR \SLOW \IH \EBribbon= \RR \IH \FAST \SOFT \BO \UX \NEride= \RR \OHIY \DEright= \RR \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \TTring= \RR \IY \SLOW \NGEriver= \RR \IH \VV \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRroad= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \ODrob= \RR \SLOW \OH \OBrobot = \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BO \OH \TTrobotics = \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BO \OH \TT \FAST \IH \FAST \P4 \KE \FAST \SErobots = \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BO \OH \TSrock= \RR \OH \OKroll= \RR \SLOW \OW \SLOW \LOroller= \FAST \RR \SLOW \OW \LO \AXRRroof= \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \FFroom= \RR \SLOW \UW \MMrope= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \POrose= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \ZZrough= \RR \UX \FFround= \RR \AYWW \NO \ODrow= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWrug= \RR \UX \OGruler= \RR \FAST \UW \LE \AXRRrun= \RR \UX \NErural = \RR \FAST \AX \RR \SLOW \EHLErush= \RR \UX \SLOW \SHs = \EH \SE \SEsad= \SE \SLOW \AY \EDsaddle = \SLOW \SE \AY \DE \EHLE \LEsail= \SE \EYIY \LOsame= \SE \EYIY \MMsand= \SE \SLOW \AY \NE \ODsandwich= \SE \FAST \AY \NE \ED \FAST \WW \IH \CHsap =\SLOW \SE \SLOW \AY \PO sat = \SLOW \SE \SLOW \AY \TTsaturday = \SLOW \SE \FAST \AY \TT \FAST \AXRR \DE \EYIYsaucer= \SO \OH \SE \AXRRsavage = \SLOW \SE \AY \VV \FAST \IH \SLOW \JHsave= \SE \FAST \EYIY \FAST \IY \SLOW \VVsaw = \SE \SE \AW \AWsay= \SE \FAST \EY \EYIYscarf= \SE \KO \AWRR \FFschool= \SE \KO \SLOW \UW \LOscissors= \SE \FAST \IH \FAST \ZZ \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR \SOscore = \SE \KO \OW \FAST \OWRRscott = \SLOW \SE \KO \SLOW \OH \TTsea= \SE \SE \IY \IYseat= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \IY \TTsecond = \SLOW \SE \EH \KO \AX \NE \ODsecret= \SE \IY \KO \FAST \RR \FAST \EH \TTsee = \SE \SE \IY \IYseed= \SE \IY \IY \EDseem= \SE \IY \IY \MMseesaw= \SE \IY \SE \SLOW \OHsend= \SE \EH \NE \ODsensitive = \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \NE \SE \IH \TT \FAST \IH \SLOW \VVsensitivity = \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \NE \SE \IH \TT \IH \VV \IH \TT \IYsent=\SE \SLOW \EH \NE \TT september =\SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \PE \Fast \TT \EH \FAST \MM \EB \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR seven = \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \VV \EH \NEseventeen =\SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \Fast \VV \Fast \EH \NE \Fast \TT \IY \NE seventy =\SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \Fast \VV \EH \Fast \NE \TT \IY several= \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \VV \FAST \RR \FAST \EHLE \FAST \LEsew= \SE \SLOW \OW \FAST \OWWWshade= \SLOW \SH \EYIY \EDshadow= \SH \AY \DO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWshall= \SH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \LOshallowest = \SH \AY \LO \OW \EH \SE \TTshare= \SH \SLOW \EY \FAST \EYRRsharp= \SH \AWRR \POshe= \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IYsheep=\Slow \SH \SLOW \IY \PE sheet = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IY \TTshell=\Slow \SH \SLOW \EY \LE shift = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IH \FF \TTshine= \SLOW \SH \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \NEship = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IH \POshirt = \SLOW \SH \AX \FAST \AXRR \TTshoe= \SLOW \SH \UW \UWshort = \SLOW \SH \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \TTshortest = \SH \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \TT \FAST \AX \FAST \SE \TTshould = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \UW \ODshouldn't = \SH \SLOW \UW \SLOW \DO \NO \TTshout= \SLOW \SH \FAST \AYWW \FAST \WW \TTshovel= \SLOW \SH \FAST \UX \SLOW \VV \EHLEshow= \SLOW \SH \OW \FAST \OWWWshut= \SLOW \SH \SLOW \UX \TTsick= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \IH \EKside= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \EDsidewalk= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \ED \FAST \WW \OH \OKsight = \SLOW \SE \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \TTsigma= \SLOW \SE \IH \GE \MM \FAST \UXsign= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \NEsilent= \SLOW \SE \FAST \OHIY \LE \FAST \EH \NE \TTsince= \SLOW \SE \IH \NE \SEsincere = \SLOW \SE \IH \NE \SE \IYRRsincerely = \SLOW \SE \IH \NE \SE \FAST \IYRR \LE \IYsincerity = \SE \IH \NE \SE \EH \RR \IH \TT \IYsine= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \NEsing= \SLOW \SE \IY \SLOW \NGEsink= \SLOW \SE \RELAX \IY \FAST \NE \EKsister = \SLOW \SE \IH \SE \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRsit = \SLOW \SE \IH \IH \TTsix =\SLOW \SE \IH \Stress \KE \Fast \SE sixteen =\SLOW \SE \Fast \IH \Stress \KE \SE \Fast \TT \IY \NE sixty =\SLOW \SE \IH \Stress \KE \SE \TT \IY size= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \ZZskin= \SLOW \SE \KE \SLOW \IH \NEskirt= \SE \KE \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR \TTsky = \SE \KE \OHIH \FAST \IHsleep= \SE \FAST \LE \SLOW \IY \POsleeve= \SE \FAST \LE \SLOW \IY \VVslice= \SE \FAST \LO \OHIY \SLOW \SEslide= \SE \FAST \LO \OHIY \EDslipper= \SO \FAST \LO \IH \PO \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRslow= \SE \FAST \LO \SLOW \OWWWsmell= \SE \FAST \MM \SLOW \EH \SLOW \LOsmile= \SE \FAST \MM \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \SLOW \LOsmooth= \SE \FAST \MM \UW \UW \SLOW \THsnail= \SE \FAST \NE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \LOsnake= \SE \FAST \NE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \KEsnow = \SO \FAST \NO \OW \FAST \OWWWso = \SLOW \SO \FAST \OWWW \FAST \WWsock= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \OH \OKsoft= \SLOW \SO \OH \FF \TTsoil= \SLOW \SO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWIY \LEsome = \SLOW \SE \UX \MMson= \SLOW \SO \UX \NEsong = \SO \OH \SLOW \NGOsoon= \SLOW \SO \UW \UW \NOsorry= \SLOW \SO \AW \RR \FAST \IYsound = \SE \AYWW \NO \ODsoup= \SLOW \SE \UW \UW \POspeak = \SE \PE \SLOW \IY \EKspeakjet= \SE \PE \SLOW \IY \EK \JH \EH \TTspecial= \SE \PE \EH \SH \SLOW \LEspeech = \SE \PE \IY \IY \CHspell = \SE \PE \EH \EHLEspelled = \SE \PE \EH \EHLE \EDspeller = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \AX \RRspellers = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZspelling = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \IH \NGEspells = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \FAST \ZZspend= \SE \PE \SLOW \EH \NE \ODspider= \SE \PO \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \DE \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRspit= \SE \PE \SLOW \IH \TTspoon= \SO \PO \SLOW \UW \NOspread= \SO \PO \FAST \RR \SLOW \EH \EDspring= \SE \PO \FAST \RR \IY \SLOW \NGEsquare= \SE \KO \WW \EYRRsqueeze= \SE \KO \WW \IY \ZZsquirrel= \SE \KO \FAST \WW \AX \FAST \AXRR \LEstair = \SE \TT \EY \EYRRstamp= \SE \FAST \TT \SLOW \AY \FAST \MM \PEstand= \SE \TT \SLOW \AY \NE \ODstar= \SE \TT \AWRRstare = \SE \TT \EY \EYRRstart = \SE \TT \AWRR \TTstarted = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TT \IH \EDstarter = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TT \AX \FAST \RRstarting = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TT \FAST \IH \NGEstarts = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TSstatement = \SE \TT \EYIY \TT \MM \EH \NE \TTstay= \SE \TT \EYIY \FAST \IYsteal= \SE \TT \IY \SLOW \LOsteel = \SE \TT \IY \SLOW \LOstep= \SE \TT \SLOW \EH \POstick= \SE \TT \SLOW \IH \EKstill= \SE \TT \IH \SLOW \LOstir= \SE \TT \AXRRstomach= \SE \TT \UX \MM \EH \EKstone= \SE \TT \OWWW \NOstop = \SE \TT \SLOW \OH \POstopped = \SE \TT \SLOW \OH \PO \TTstopper = \SE \TT \OH \PO \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRstopping = \SE \TT \OH \PO \IH \NGEstops = \SE \TT \SLOW \OH \PO \SEstore = \SE \TT \OWRRstory= \SE \TT \OWRR \FAST \IYstraight= \SE \TT \RR \FAST \EYIY \TTstranded = \SE \TT \FAST \RR \AY \NE \DE \FAST \IH \EDstranger= \SE \TT \RR \FAST \EYIY \NE \JH \FAST \AXRRstrawberry= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OH \SOFT \BE \FAST \EYRR \IYstreet = \SE \TT \RR \IY \TTstretch= \SE \TT \RR \EH \CHstrike= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OHIY \EKstring = \SE \TT \RR \RELAX \IY \SLOW \NGEstripe= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OHIY \POstrong= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OH \SLOW \NGEsub = \SLOW \SE \SLOW \UX \OBsubject = \SLOW \SE \UX \EB \JH \EH \EK \TTsubtract= \SLOW \SO \FAST \UX \OB \TT \RR \AY \KE \TTsucceed = \SLOW \SE \FAST \RELAX \UX \KE \SE \SLOW \IY \EDsuck = \SLOW \SE \SLOW \UX \EKsugar = \SH \UH \FAST \GO \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRsuit= \SLOW \SO \SLOW \UW \TTsummer= \SLOW \SO \UX \MM \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRsun= \SLOW \SO \UX \SLOW \NEsunday = \SLOW \SE \UX \NE \DE \EYIYsupper= \SLOW \SO \UX \PO \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRsuppose= \SLOW \SO \UX \PO \OW \FAST \ZZsure= \SLOW \SH \UW \SLOW \RRsurprise= \SLOW \SO \FAST \UX \PO \RR \OHIY \FAST \ZZswallow= \SLOW \SO \WW \OH \LO \OWWWswan= \SLOW \SE \WW \OH \NOsweat = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TTsweated = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TT \IH \EDsweater = 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Thursday, 2 December 2010

My Sparkfun SpeakJet Voice Box Shield is now working! Thanks to major help from Brock Craft and a very kind and swift response from Sukkin Pang at SK Pang Electronics, ( who supplied it. THIS IS REALLY EXCITING, as I can make things really speak now, and use this in my Buddha Box to magically make the box talk to you when you open it and speak words of wisdom....
This is helpful: