Friday, 3 December 2010

In order to use the voice synthesiser I have to write with a new set of contsraints, which we might think of as a robot voice aesthetic, generating text from parts of speech - phonemes and allaphones etc, and, if I use the SpeakJet chip dictionary, a very limited vocabulary, such as

20, 96, 21, 114, 22, 88, 23, 5, 152, 8, 160, 136, 7, 146, 140, 14, 137, 188, 191, 128, 153, 187, 131, 145, 186



The PhraseALocutor generates codes which include data for speed and emphasis.

this is the dictionary I am working with to generate robotic spiritual advice:

a = \EYIY \IYable=\FAST \EYIY \BO \UH \LE about=\UX \OB \AYWW \TT across= \AX \EK \FAST \RR \OH \SE \SEact= \AY \EK \TTacting = \AY \EK \TT \STRESS \IH \NGEactivated= \AY \KE \TT \FAST \IH \VV \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDadd= \AY \AY \EDaddress= \SLOW \AY \ED \FAST \RR \EH \SLOW \SEadorn = \SLOW \AX \DO \FAST \OWRR \NEafraid= \AX \FF \FAST \RR \EYIY \EDafter= \AY \FF \TT \FAST \AXRRafternoon= \AY \FF \FAST \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \NE \UW \SLOW \NEagain= \AX \GE \SLOW \EY \NEagainst= \AX \GE \EY \NE \SE \SLOW \TTair= \EYRRairplane= \EYRR \PO \FAST \LE \EYIY \NEalarm = \SLOW \UX \LE \AWRR \MMalert= \AX \LE \AXRR \TT alien=\Fast \EY \Fast \EYIY \LE \IY \Slow \Fast \AX \NE alive= \UX \LE \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \VVall= \SLOW \AW \SLOW \LOalligator= \AY \LE \FAST \IH \GE \RELAX \EYIY \TT \FAST \AXRRalmost= \OH \FAST \LO \MM \STRESS \OW \SO \TTalone= \UX \LO \OW \OW \SLOW \NEalong= \UX \LO \OH \OH \SLOW \NGOalpha= \AY \LE \FAST \FF \UXalphabet= \AY \LO \FAST \FF \FAST \AX \STRESS \SOFT \BE \EY \SLOW \TTalready= \AW \LE \FAST \RR \EY \DE \IYalso= \SLOW \AW \SLOW \LO \SLOW \SO \OWWWalthough= \FAST \OH \SLOW \LO \DH \SLOW \OWWWalways= \SLOW \AW \LE \WW \EYIY \SLOW \SEam = \AY \AY \MMamong= \RELAX \UX \MM \UX \NGOample = \SLOW \AY \FAST \MM \PO \UX \LOan= \AY \AY \NEanchor =\FAST \EYIY \NGE \KE \RR and = \SLOW \AY \SLOW \NE \ODanger = \FAST \EYIY \FAST \IY \FAST \NE \GE \AX \RRangle = \EYIY \NGE \LEanimal= \SLOW \AY \NE \FAST \IH \MM \SLOW \LEanother= \UX \NE \UX \DH \AXRRanswer= \AY \NE \SLOW \SE \AXRRant = \SLOW \AY \NE \TTany= \STRESS \EY \NE \IY \IYapart= \UX \STRESS \PO \AWRR \TTapartment= \UX \STRESS \PO \FAST \AWRR \TT \MM \EY \NE \TTape= \EYIY \POappear= \UX \SLOW \PE \IYRRapple= \AY \PO \SLOW \UH \LEapril = \EYIY \PE \RR \LEare= \AWRRarm= \AWRR \MMarmy= \FAST \AW \RR \MM \IYaround= \UX \FAST \RR \AYWW \NE \ODarrow= \EYRR \OWWWart= \AWRR \TTas= \AY \SLOW \ZZask= \SLOW \AY \SLOW \SE \EKasleep= \AX \SLOW \SE \LE \IY \FAST \PEass= \AY \AY \SLOW \SEastronaut= \AY \SE \P4 \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \NO \OH \TTat= \AY \SLOW \TTate = \EYIY \TTaught = \SLOW \AW \SLOW \TTaugust = \SLOW \AW \GO \AX \SE \TTaunt= \OH \NE \TTautomobile= \SLOW \AW \TT \FAST \OWWW \FAST \MM \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BE \IY \LEautumn= \OH \TT \AX \MM \MMavenue= \AY \VV \EY \NE \IYUWawake= \UX \WW \EYIY \KEaway= \AX \WW \EYIYax = \AY \AY \EK \SEazure = \SLOW \AX \ZH \FAST \IHWW \RRb = \BE \IY \IYbabblebot=\BE \AY \OB \Slow \LO \BO \AW \TT baby= \BE \EYIY \EB \IYback= \BE \SLOW \AY \P4 \EKbad = \BE \AY \AY \EDbag= \BE \AY \AY \EGbake= \BE \EYIY \KEball= \BO \SLOW \OH \LOballoon= \BO \FAST \UX \LE \UW \UW \NEbanana= \BO \FAST \UX \NE \AY \NE \AXband= \BE \SLOW \AY \NE \ODbasic= \BE \EYIY \SE \IH \FAST \P4 \OKbathe = \BE \EYIY \DHbather = \BE \EYIY \DH \FAST \AXRRbathing = \BE \EYIY \DH \IH \NGEbeast = \BE \IY \SE \TTbeauty = \BE \IYUW \TT \IYbeer = \BE \IYRRbeige = \BE \EY \EYIY \JHbelow = \BE \IY \LE \OWWWbeta= \BE \EYIY \TT \UXbib = \BE \IH \IH \EBbird =\FAST \SOFT \BE \AXRR \ED blast = \BO \LE \AY \SE \TTbleed = \BO \LE \IY \DEblue = \BO \FAST \LO \IHWWbong= \BO \OH \SLOW \NGObook = \BO \SLOW \UH \OKbot = \BO \SLOW \OH \TTboy = \BO \OWIYbrain = \BO \FAST \RR \EYIY \NEbread = \FAST \SOFT \BE \RR \SLOW \EH \EDbright = \BO \FAST \RR \OHIY \TTbrightly = \BO \FAST \RR \OHIY \TT \LE \IYbroom = \BO \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \MMbrooms = \BO \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \MM \SEbrown = \BO \FAST \RR \AXUW \NEbrush = \BO \FAST \RR \SLOW \AX \SH \SHburn = \BE \AXRR \NEbusiness = \BE \IH \ZZ \NE \IH \SEby = \BO \OHIHc = \SE \SE \IY \IYcab = \KE \AY \AY \EBcake= \KE \EYIY \RELAX \EKcalendar = \KE \FAST \AY \LE \EH \NE \DO \FAST \AXRRcall= \KO \SLOW \OH \LOcamel= \KE \AY \MM \UX \LEcamp= \KE \AY \MM \POcan't = \KE \AY \NE \P4 \TTcan= \KE \SLOW \AY \NEcandle= \KE \SLOW \AY \NE \DE \EHLEcandy= \KE \AY \NE \DE \SLOW \IYcap= \KE \SLOW \AY \POcar = \KO \SLOW \AW \RRcare= \EK \EY \EYRRcarpet = \KO \FAST \AWRR \PE \IH \TTcarriage= \EK \FAST \EYRR \SLOW \IH \JHcarrot= \EK \FAST \EYRR \AX \TTcasual = \KE \AY \ZH \FAST \IHWW \AX \LEcat= \KE \AY \TTcatch= \KE \SLOW \AY \P4 \CHcent= \SE \EY \NE \P4 \TTcenter= \SE \EY \NE \TT \FAST \AXRRcertain = \SLOW \SE \FAST \AXRR \TT \EH \NEchair= \CH \EYRRchalk= \SLOW \CH \OH \FAST \LO \OKchange = \CH \EYIY \NE \JHchangeable = \CH \FAST \EYIY \FAST \NE \FAST \JH \AX \EB \UX \SLOW \LEcheck = \CH \EH \EH \EKchecked = \CH \EH \EH \EK \TTchecker = \CH \EH \EH \KE \AX \RRcheckers = \CH \EH \EH \KE \AX \RR \ZZchecking = \CH \EH \EH \KE \IH \NGEchecks = \CH \EH \EH \KE \SEcheek= \CH \SLOW \IY \KEcherry= \SLOW \CH \FAST \EYRR \IYchest= \CH \EH \EH \SE \TTchests = \CH \EH \EH \SE \TSchi= \KO \OHIYchicken= \CH \IH \KE \EH \NEchip = \CH \IH \IH \PEchips = \CH \IH \IH \PE \SEchurch = \CH \AX \RR \CHcircle= \SLOW \SO \FAST \AXRR \KO \UH \LOcircus= \SLOW \SO \FAST \AXRR \KE \AX \SLOW \SOcity= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \IH \TT \IYclap= \KO \FAST \LE \AY \POclass= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \SLOW \SEclean= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \SLOW \IY \NEclear = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \IYRRclimb= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \OHIH \SLOW \MMclock = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LO \SLOW \OH \OKclose = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \OWWW \FAST \ZZcloset= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LO \SLOW \OH \FAST \ZZ \EH \TTcloth= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \SLOW \OH \TH \THclothes= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \OWWW \FAST \ZZcloud= \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \AYWW \ODclown = \SLOW \KO \FAST \LE \AYWW \NOcoat= \KO \OWWW \TTcob =\KO \SLOW \OH \Fast \P4 \OB cognitive = \KO \OH \GO \FAST \NE \FAST \IH \TT \IH \VVcoin= \OK \OWIY \NEcold= \OK \OWWW \LO \FAST \DOcollide = \KO \UX \LE \OHIH \EDcolor= \KO \SLOW \UX \LO \FAST \AXRRcom = \KO \OH \OH \MMcomb = \KO \OW \MMcome = \KE \SLOW \UX \MMcomputer = \KE \UX \MM \FAST \PE \FAST \IYUW \TT \AX \RRcomputers=\KE \UX \MM \FAST \PE \FAST \IYUW \TT \AX \RR \SE contain= \KE \AX \NE \TT \EYIY \NEcontainer= \KE \AX \NE \TT \FAST \EYIY \NE \FAST \AXRRcook= \KO \SLOW \UH \KOcookie = \KO \SLOW \UH \KE \IYcool= \KO \SLOW \UW \LEcoop = \KE \UW \UW \POcopy = \KO \SLOW \OH \PE \FAST \IYcore = \KO \SLOW \OWRRcork = \KO \OWRR \EKcorn = \KO \OWRR \NOcorner = \KO \FAST \OWRR \NE \FAST \AXRRcorona = \KO \OW \RR \OW \NO \AXcorrect = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TTcorrected = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TT \IH \EDcorrecting = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TT \IH \NGEcorrects = \KO \OWRR \EH \EK \TScost= \KO \SLOW \AW \SE \TTcosts = \KO \SLOW \AW \SE \TScotton = \KO \SLOW \OH \TT \AX \NEcould = \KO \UH \UH \ODcount= \KE \FAST \AYWW \NE \TTcountry= \KO \UX \NE \TT \RR \IYcover= \KO \UX \VV \AXRRcow = \KO \AYWWcracker= \EK \FAST \RR \AY \KE \AXRRcrain = \KE \RR \EYIY \NEcrayon= \EK \RR \FAST \EYIY \OH \NEcreated= \KO \Fast \RR \IY \EYIY \TT \IH \ED crib = \KO \RR \SLOW \IH \EBcross= \OK \FAST \RR \OH \SLOW \SEcrowd= \KO \FAST \RR \AYWW \ODcrown = \KE \FAST \RR \AYWW \NEcry= \KO \FAST \RR \OHIYcub =\KO \SLOW \UX \EB cup= \KO \SLOW \UX \P4 \POcurb = \KO \AXRR \EBcut= \KE \UX \P4 \TTcute = \KE \IYUW \P4 \TTd = \DE \IY \IYdaisy= \DE \EYIY \ZZ \FAST \IYdance= \DE \SLOW \AY \NE \SLOW \SEdanger = \DE \EYIY \FAST \NE \FAST \JH \FAST \AXRRdark= \DO \AWRR \P4 \EKdate = \DE \FAST \EYIY \IY \P4 \TTdaughter = \DE \SLOW \AW \TT \FAST \AXRRday = \DE \EYIYdeactivated= \DE \IY \P4 \AY \KE \TT \IH \VV \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDdear= \DE \IY \FAST \IYRRdecember = \DE \FAST \IY \SE \EH \MM \EB \FAST \RRdeclare = \DE \FAST \IY \P4 \EK \FAST \LE \EYRRdeep= \DE \SLOW \IY \P4 \PEdeer= \DE \IYRRdelta= \DE \EHLE \TT \FAST \UXdentist= \DE \FAST \EY \NE \TT \IH \SE \TTdesert= \DE \STRESS \EH \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \TTdesk= \DE \EH \SE \KEdessert= \DE \EH \FAST \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \TTdictionary= \FAST \DE \FAST \STRESS \IH \KE \CH \AX \NE \FAST \EYRR \IYdifferent= \DE \FAST \IH \FF \RR \FAST \EH \NE \TTdifficult= \DE \FAST \IH \FF \IH \KO \FAST \UH \LE \TTdime= \DO \OHIY \MMdinner= \DE \IH \NE \FAST \AXRRdirection= \DE \FAST \AXRR \EH \KE \SH \AX \NEdirt= \DE \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR \P4 \TTdirty= \DE \FAST \AXRR \TT \SLOW \IYdiscover= \DE \FAST \IH \SE \KE \UX \VV \AXRRdish= \DE \SLOW \IH \SLOW \SHdistance= \DE \FAST \IH \SE \TT \AX \NE \SLOW \SEdivide = \DE \FAST \IH \VV \OHIH \DEdivided = \DE \FAST \IH \VV \OHIH \DE \SLOW \IH \EDdo = \DE \IHWWdoctor= \DO \OH \KE \TT \FAST \AXRRdodge = \DO \OH \OH \OD \JHdoe = \DO \OWWWdog = \DO \OH \OH \OGdoing = \DE \FAST \IHWW \SLOW \IH \NGEdoll= \DO \OH \OH \LOdollar= \DO \FAST \OH \SLOW \LE \AXRRdolphin= \DO \OH \LO \FF \IH \NEdong= \DO \SLOW \OH \SLOW \NGOdoor= \DO \OWRRdot = \DO \SLOW \OH \TTdouble =\DO \UX \OB \UH \LE down = \DO \AYWW \NEdozen= \DE \UX \FAST \ZZ \EY \NEdragon= \DO \FAST \RR \AY \FAST \GE \AX \NEdrain = \DE \FAST \RR \EYIY \NEdraw= \DO \FAST \RR \OH \OHdress= \DE \FAST \RR \SLOW \EY \SEdrill= \DE \FAST \RR \SLOW \IH \LEdrink= \DE \FAST \RR \RELAX \IY \NGE \EKdrive= \DO \FAST \RR \OHIH \VVdrop= \DO \FAST \RR \SLOW \OH \FAST \POdrum= \DE \FAST \RR \SLOW \UX \MMdry= \DO \FAST \RR \OHIYduck= \DO \SLOW \UX \KEduring= \DO \FAST \AXRR \SLOW \IH \NGEdusts = \DO \AX \SE \P4 \TSdwarfs = \DO \FAST \WW \OWRR \FF \SEe = \IY \IYeach= \IY \IY \P4 \CHeagle= \IY \GE \AX \LEear = \IYRR \RRearly= \FAST \AXRR \LE \FAST \IYearn = \AX \RR \NEearring = \IYRR \FAST \RR \IY \NGEearth= \AXRR \TH \THeasy= \SLOW \IY \ZZ \FAST \IYeat= \SLOW \IY \TTeffort = \SLOW \EH \FF \FAST \OWRR \TTegg= \SLOW \EY \GEeight = \EYIY \P4 \TTeighteen =\EYIY \P4 \TT \IY \NE eighty = \EYIY \P4 \TT \IYeither= \SLOW \IY \FAST \DH \AXRRelbow= \EH \LE \SOFT \BO \OWWWelephant= \EHLE \FAST \UX \FF \SLOW \AX \NE \TTeleven =\FAST \IH \LE \EH \VV \Fast \EH \NE emotional = \IY \MM \OW \SH \FAST \AX \NE \FAST \UX \LEempty= \EY \MM \PE \TT \IYend = \SLOW \EH \SLOW \NE \ODengage = \SLOW \IH \NE \P4 \GE \EYIY \JHengagement = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \GE \EYIY \JH \FAST \MM \FAST \EY \NE \TTengages = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \FAST \ZZengaging = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \NGEengine= \EY \NE \FAST \JH \SLOW \IH \NEenjoy= \EY \NE \FAST \JH \OWIYenough= \RELAX \SLOW \IY \NE \SLOW \AX \FFenrage = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JHenraged = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JH \EDenrages = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JH \IH \FAST \ZZenraging = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \RR \EYIY \JH \IH \NGEenter= \SLOW \EY \NE \TT \FAST \AXRRentire= \SLOW \EY \NE \P4 \TT \OHIH \FAST \RRepsillon= \EH \PO \SE \SLOW \IH \FAST \LO \FAST \OH \NOequal = \IY \KO \FAST \WW \UX \LEequals = \IY \KO \FAST \WW \UX \LE \FAST \ZZerection= \SLOW \IY \FAST \RR \EH \KE \SH \AX \NEerror = \FAST \EYRR \OWRRescape = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \P4 \PEescaped = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \PE \TTescapes = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \PE \SEescaping = \EH \SE \KE \FAST \EYIY \PE \IH \NGEeta= \EYIY \TT \FAST \UXeven = \SLOW \IY \VV \EY \NEever= \EY \VV \FAST \AXRRevery= \EY \VV \RR \IYextend = \IH \KE \SE \TT \FAST \EY \SLOW \NE \ODextent = \EH \KE \SE \TT \FAST \EH \NE \TTextra= \EY \KE \SE \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \AXextract = \EH \KE \SE \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \AY \EK \TTeye= \OHIYf = \SLOW \EH \FFface= \FF \EYIY \SEfah = \FF \OH \OHfall = \FF \SLOW \OH \LOfallen = \FF \SLOW \OH \LE \FAST \EH \NEfalls = \FF \OH \OH \LO \SEfamily= \FF \AY \MM \FAST \AX \LE \IYfamous = \FF \EYIY \MM \AX \SEfan = \FF \AY \AY \NEfar = \FF \AWRRfarm = \FF \AWRR \MMfart= \FF \AWRR \TTfast = \FF \AY \SE \TTfaster = \FF \AY \SE \TT \RRfastest = \FF \AY \SE \TT \EH \SE \TTfather = \FF \SLOW \AW \DH \AX \RRfaucet = \FF \AW \SLOW \SE \EY \TTfaucets = \FF \AW \SLOW \SE \EY \TSfault = \FF \OH \OH \LO \TTfaults = \FF \OH \OH \LO \TSfavorite= \FF \FAST \EYIY \VV \FAST \RR \IH \TTfear = \FF \IYRRfears = \FF \IYRR \SEfeature = \FF \IY \CH \AX \RRfebruary = \FF \EH \EB \RR \UW \EYRR \IYfed = \FF \EH \EH \EDfeed = \FF \IY \IY \EDfeeding = \FF \IY \IY \DE \IH \NGEfeeds = \FF \IY \IY \DE \ZZfeel= \SLOW \FF \SLOW \IY \LOfeet = \FF \IY \TTfence= \FF \EY \NE \SO \SOfern = \FF \AXRR \NEfew = \FF \IYUWfibber =\Slow \FF \IH \Soft \BO \Slow \RR fiction = \FF \IH \KE \SH \AX \NEfield = \FF \SLOW \IY \LE \DEfifteen =\FF \IH \FF \TT \IY \NE fifty = \FF \IH \FF \TT \IYfight = \SLOW \FF \FAST \OHIY \P4 \TTfighter = \FF \OHIY \TT \RRfighting = \FF \OHIY \TT \IH \NGEfights = \FF \OHIY \TSfill= \FF \SLOW \RELAX \IH \LEfinally= \FF \FAST \OHIY \NO \FAST \LE \IYfind= \FF \OHIY \NE \ODfinger= \FF \IH \FAST \NGE \GE \AXRRfir = \FF \AXRRfire= \FF \OHIY \RRfirst= \FF \AXRR \SE \TTfish= \FF \IH \IH \SH \SHfist= \FF \IH \IH \SE \TTfit= \FF \IH \TTfive = \FF \OHIH \VVfix = \FF \IH \KE \SEfixed = \FF \IH \KE \SE \TTflag = \FF \LE \AY \AY \EGflat= \FF \LE \AY \TTflight = \FF \LE \OHIY \TTflights = \FF \LE \OHIY \TSfloat= \FF \LE \OWWW \TTfloor= \FF \LO \OWRRflour= \FF \LO \AYWW \RRflower= \FF \LO \AYWW \RRfly= \FF \LO \OHIYfollow= \FF \AW \LO \OWWWfood = \FF \UW \UW \DEfool = \FF \UW \UW \LOfoot= \FF \SLOW \UH \TTfootball= \FF \SLOW \UH \TT \FAST \P4 \SOFT \BO \OH \SLOW \LOfor = \FF \OWRRfore = \FF \OWRRforeign = \FF \OWRR \FAST \IH \NEforest= \FF \OWRR \FAST \EH \SE \TTforget= \FF \FAST \OWRR \GE \STRESS \EH \TTfork = \FF \OWRR \KEforks = \FF \OWRR \KE \SEform = \FF \OWRR \MMfort = \FF \OWRR \TTforth = \FF \OWRR \THforties = \FF \OWRR \TT \IY \FAST \ZZforts = \FF \OWRR \TSfortune = \FF \OWRR \CH \AX \NEforty =\FF \Fast \OWRR \TT \IY forward= \FF \FAST \OWRR \FAST \WW \AXRR \EDfour =\FF \Fast \OW \OWRR fourteen =\FF \FAST \OWRR \Fast \TT \IY \NE fox = \FF \SLOW \OH \KO \SEfree = \SLOW \FF \RR \SLOW \IYfreeze = \FF \RR \IY \ZZfreezer = \FF \RR \IY \ZZ \FAST \AXRRfreezers = \FF \RR \IY \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \ZZfreezing = \FF \RR \IY \ZZ \IH \NGEfriday = \FF \RR \OHIY \DE \EYIYfriend= \FF \RR \EH \NE \DOfright= \FF \RR \OHIY \TTfrog= \FF \RR \OH \SLOW \OGfrom= \FF \RR \UX \SLOW \MMfront= \FF \RR \UX \NE \TTfrozen = \FF \RR \OW \ZZ \EH \NEfruit= \FF \RR \UW \TTfull = \FF \RELAX \UH \RELAX \UH \LOfun= \FF \SLOW \UX \NEfunny= \FF \SLOW \UX \FAST \NE \IYfur= \FF \AXRRfurniture = \FF \FAST \AXRR \NE \FAST \IH \CH \FAST \AXRRfxalarm= \RESET \REPEAT \3 \A7 \REPEAT \3 \A6 \REPEAT \3 \A4 \REPEAT \3 \A3 \A1 \REPEAT \3 \A0 \RESETfxalpha= a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y zfxberzerkchickenfightlikearobot=\SPEED \120 \BEND \4 \NTA1 chicken,, fight like a robot \Reset fxberzerkgotthehumaniod=\SPEED \120 \BEND \3 \NTG2 got thu humaniod,, \SPEED \120 \BEND \10 \NTA2 got thu intruder \RESET fxberzerkthehumaniodmustnotescape=\SPEED \120 \BEND \10 \NTA1 thu humaniod must not escape \RESET fxburningfusewithbang= \RESET \SPEED \114 \CH \P1 \CH \P1 \CH \SPEED \0 \REPEAT \6 \SH \SE \M1 \RESETfxburp=\Reset \SPEED \74 \BEND \0 \NTC1 \AXRR \SPEED \0 \P0 fxcountdown=\RESET ten \P3 nine \P3 eight \P3 seven \P3 six \P3 five \P3 four \P3 three \P3 two \P3 onefxcrickets=\RESET \C3 \P4 \C3 \P3 \NTC2 \C3 \P6 \C3 \P2 \C3 \P6 \C3 \P2 \BEND \14 \NTD3 \SPEED \90 \C3 \P2 \C3 \P4 \RESET fxdanger=\RESET \NTA#2 \BEND \1 \A5 \P5 danger \P5 \A5 \P5 danger \P5 \A5 \P5 danger \RESET fxdemowords=\RESET \NTC2 activated, \NTD2 basic, \NTE2 correct, \NTF2 discover, \NTD2 engage, \NTC2 favorite, \P1 guaging,, \NTB2 humaniod, \NTA2 innovations, \NTG2 january, \NTF2 keep, \NTE2 learn, music, \NTC2 new, \NTD2 often,, \NTC2 plenty, \NTE2 quick, \NTD2 ready, \NTC2 sincerity,, \NTC3 teacher, \NTB2 uncle, \NTA2 vacation, \NTG2 welcome, \NTF2 xray, \NTE2 yes,, \SPEED \120 and \NTD2 finally,, \SPEED \100 \NTC2 zebra \SPEED \0 \P0 \RESET fxfrogs=\RESET \NTC1 \SPEED \20 \BEND \0 \BO \FAST \UX \ED \P2 \BEND \10 \NTD2 \FAST \WW \FAST \OHIY \Fast \ZZ \SLOW \P1 \NTA1 \SPEED \60 \BEND \3 \FAST \AXRR \P2 \NTC1 \SPEED \20 \BEND \0 \BO \FAST \UX \ED \BEND \10 \NTD2 \FAST \WW \FAST \OHIY \Fast \ZZ \SLOW \P4 \NTA1 \SPEED \60 \BEND \3 \FAST \AXRR \Reset fxmonths=\RESET january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, decemberfxnumbers=\RESET one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, thousand, million fxping= \RESET \SPEED \50 \BEND \0 \M0 \M0 \M0 \RESETfxrobotbede=\RESET \SPEED \127 \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \BE \IY \DE \IY \RESET fxrobotbeeps=\R2 \A4 \C6 \C1 \D5 \R3 \B4 \B2 fxrobotdroid= \RESET \B3 \P4 \B2 \P5 \R7 \R0 \R7 \R2 \R7 \R4 \R7 \R6 \R8 \R3 \R3 \R3 \P4 \B6 \P4 \B6 \P4 \C8 \P4 \C9fxrobotsad=\Reset \BEND \0 \SPEED \61 \B8 \P1 \B3 \B0 \P1 \C9 \P1 \Reset fxsongironman=\RESET \BEND \2 \SPEED \72 \NTA1 \OHIH \IH \DELAY \23 \SPEED \68 \NTC2 \AY \FAST \AY \MM \DELAY \25 \FAST \OHIH \IH \FAST \NTD2 \AX \SPEED \90 \RR \FAST \NO \FAST \STRESS \MM \AY \FAST \AY \SLOW \NE \RESET fxsongscales=\RESET \NTC2 doe \NTD2 ray \NTE2 me \NTF2 fah \NTG2 so \NTA2 la \NTB2 tee \NTC3 doe \RESET fxsongstar=\RESET \NTG2 \DE \REPEAT \6 \IY \NTE2 \DO \REPEAT \2 \UX \NTC2 \DO \REPEAT \8 \UW \NTE2 \DO \REPEAT \8 \UX \NTG2 \DO \REPEAT \8 \IY \NTC3 \DO \REPEAT \8 \UX \MM \MM \P0 \RESET fxstatus1= \RESET \B6 \P3 \B6 \P3 \B6 \P3 \B7 \B0 \RESETfxstatus2=\Reset \B0 \P2 \B0 \P2 \B0 \P2 \B6 \P2 \B0 \P2 \B6 fxtest=\Reset testing,, testing,, one two three fxufo= \RESET \REPEAT \5 \A5fxwomwom=\SPEED \120 \BEND \0 \C0 \BEND \ 1 \C0 \BEND \2 \C0 \BEND \3 \C0 \BEND \4 \C0 \BEND \5 \C0 \BEND \6 \C0 \BEND \7 \C0 \BEND \8 \C0 \BEND \9 \C0 \BEND \10 \C0 \BEND \11 \C0 \BEND \12 \C0 \BEND \13 \C0 \BEND \14 \C0 \BEND \15 \C0 \BEND \0 \C2 \BEND \ 1 \C2 \BEND \2 \C2 \BEND \3 \C2 \BEND \4 \C2 \BEND \5 \C2 \BEND \6 \C2 \BEND \7 \C2 \BEND \8 \C2 \BEND \9 \C2 \BEND \10 \C2 \BEND \11 \C2 \BEND \12 \C2 \BEND \13 \C2 \BEND \14 \C2 \BEND \15 \C2 g = \JH \IY \IYgame =\Slow \GE \EYIY \MM gamma=\Slow \GE \AY \MM \UX garden= \GO \AW \FAST \RR \FAST \DE \EH \NEgarment = \GO \FAST \AWRR \MM \EH \NE \TTgate =\Slow \GE \EYIY \TT gates =\Slow \GE \EYIY \SLOW \TS gauge =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH gentlemen = \JH \FAST \EH \NE \TT \LE \MM \EH \SLOW \NEget =\Slow \GE \SLOW \EH \TT giant= \JH \OHIY \FAST \EY \NE \TTgift=\Slow \GE \IH \FF \TT giraffe= \JH \FAST \AXRR \SLOW \AY \FFgirl=\Slow \GE \Fast \AXRR \Fast \RR \SLOW \LO give=\Slow \GE \SLOW \IH \FAST \VV glad=\Slow \GO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \ED glass=\Slow \GO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \SE glasses=\Slow \GO \FAST \LE \SLOW \AY \SE \FAST \SOFT \EH \FAST \ZZ glove=\Slow \GO \FAST \LO \UX \SLOW \VV glue =\Slow \GO \FAST \LO \IHWW go =\Slow \GO \SLOW \OWWW goat=\Slow \GO \OWWW \TT gong=\Slow \GO \SLOW \OH \NGO good =\Slow \GO \UH \UH \OD goodbye=\Slow \GO \UW \OD \FAST \P4 \SOFT \BO \OHIH goose=\Slow \GO \SLOW \UW \SE got =\Slow \GO \OH \OH \TT grand=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \AY \NE \OD grandfather=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \AY \NE \DO \FF \SLOW \AW \DH \AX \RR grandmother=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \AY \NE \ED \MM \UX \TH \AXRR grape=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \EYIY \PO grapefruit=\Slow \GE \FAST \RR \EYIY \PO \FF \FAST \RR \UW \TT grass=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \AY \SE \SE grasshopper=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \AY \SE \HO \OH \PO \FAST \AXRR gray=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \EYIY grease =\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \SE great =\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \EYIY \TT green =\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \NE grey=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \EYIY ground=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \AY \FAST \AYWW \FAST \NE \OD group=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \UW \UW \PO grow=\Slow \GO \FAST \RR \OW \OWWW guaged =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH \SOFT \DE guages =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \ZZ guaging =\Slow \GE \EYIY \JH \IH \NGE guest =\Slow \GE \EH \EH \SE \TT h = \EYIY \CHhair = \HE \EY \EYRRhalf= \HO \SLOW \AY \FFhammer= \HE \AY \MM \AXRRhand = \HE \AY \SLOW \NE \ODhandle= \HE \SLOW \AY \NE \FAST \DE \FAST \AX \SLOW \LEhandstands = \HE \AY \NE \DE \SE \TT \AY \NE \ED \SEhappen= \HE \AY \PO \EH \NEhappy= \HE \AY \PE \IYhard= \HO \AWRR \ODhat = \HE \SLOW \AY \TThave= \HE \SLOW \AY \VVhe = \HE \IYhead= \HE \SLOW \EH \DEhealth= \HE \SLOW \EH \LE \SLOW \THhear = \HE \IYRRheart= \HE \AWRR \TTheat= \HE \SLOW \IY \TTheavy= \HE \EH \VV \IYhell = \HE \EH \LE \LEhello = \HE \FAST \EHLE \LO \OWWWhelp= \HE \EHLE \POher= \HE \AXRRhere= \HE \IYRRhers= \HE \FAST \AXRR \ZZherself= \HE \FAST \AXRR \SE \EH \LO \FFhex = \HE \SLOW \EH \KE \SEhexagon = \HE \EH \KE \SE \FAST \AX \GO \OH \NOhi= \HO \OHIYhide= \HO \OHIY \P4 \SLOW \EDhigh= \HO \OHIYhim= \HE \SLOW \IH \MMhimself= \HE \IH \MM \SE \EH \LO \FFhis= \HE \IH \ZZhit= \HE \IH \TThobbies= \HO \OH \Fast \BE \Slow \IY \Fast \SE hobby= \HO \OH \Fast \BE \Slow \IY hoe = \HE \OW \OWWWhold= \HO \OW \SLOW \LO \ODhole= \HO \OWWW \SLOW \LOholiday= \HO \OH \LE \IH \DE \EYIYhollow= \HO \OH \LO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWhome= \HO \OW \OW \SLOW \MMhonest= \OH \NE \EH \SE \TThoney= \HO \UX \NE \IYhook= \HO \UH \OKhop= \HO \OH \POhorn= \HO \OWRR \NEhorse= \HO \OWRR \SEhot = \HE \OH \TThour = \AYWW \RRhouse= \HO \AYWW \SEhow= \HO \SLOW \AYWWhug= \HO \SLOW \UX \SLOW \OGhuman= \HE \FAST \IYUW \MM \EH \NEhumaniod= \HO \FAST \IYUW \MM \UX \FAST \NO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWIY \EDhundred = \HO \UX \NE \ED \FAST \RR \EH \EDhung = \HE \SLOW \UX \SLOW \NGOhunger = \HO \UX \FAST \NGE \GE \RRhungry= \HO \UX \NGE \GE \FAST \RR \IYhurry= \HO \AXRR \IYhurt= \HO \AXRR \TTi = \OHIHice= \OHIY \SE \SEicecream= \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \SLOW \SE \FAST \P4 \KE \RR \IY \MMif= \IH \FF \FFill= \IH \LOin= \SLOW \IH \SLOW \NEinfinitive = \SLOW \IH \FAST \NE \SLOW \FF \IH \NE \IH \TT \IH \VVinjure = \SLOW \IH \NE \JH \FAST \AXRRinnovate = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \OW \VV \EYIY \TTinnovations = \SLOW \IH \NE \FAST \OW \VV \FAST \EYIY \SH \AX \NO \SEinsect= \IH \NE \SE \EH \KE \TTinside= \IH \NE \SLOW \SE \OHIY \EDinstead= \IH \NE \SE \TT \SLOW \STRESS \EH \EDinstruct = \IH \NE \SE \TT \FAST \RR \FAST \AX \OK \TTinterrupt = \IH \NE \TT \AX \FAST \RR \UX \PE \TTinto= \IH \NE \TT \IHWWintrigue = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \EGintrigued = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \GE \EDintrigues = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \GE \ZZintriguing = \IH \NE \TT \FAST \RR \IY \GE \IH \NGEintruder= \IH \NE \TT \RR \UW \FAST \DE \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRinvestigate = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TTinvestigated = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDinvestigates = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \SEinvestigating = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \NGEinvestigator = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \FAST \AXRRinvestigators = \FAST \IH \NE \VV \EH \SE \TT \IH \GE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZinvite= \FAST \IH \NE \VV \OHIY \TTiota= \OHIY \OW \TT \UXiron= \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIH \FAST \AX \RR \NOis = \SLOW \IH \ZZisland= \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \LE \EH \NE \DOit = \SLOW \IH \SLOW \TTj = \JH \EYIYjacket= \JH \AY \KE \IH \TTjam= \JH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \MMjanuary = \JH \AY \NE \FAST \IYUW \FAST \EYRR \IYjar= \JH \AWRRjelly= \JH \EH \LE \IYjet = \JH \EH \EH \TTjob =\JH \AW \AW \P4 \OB joke= \FAST \JH \SLOW \OW \OKjoy= \JH \OWIYjudge = \JH \AX \AX \ED \JHjuice= \JH \IYUW \SE \SEjuly = \JH \FAST \IHWW \LE \OHIHjump= \JH \UX \MM \POjumped = \JH \AX \MM \PE \TTjune = \JH \IYUW \NOjust= \JH \AX \SE \TTk = \KE \EYIYkangaroo= \KE \AY \FAST \IY \NGE \FAST \AX \RR \UH \UHkappa= \KE \AY \PO \UXkeep=\KE \Slow \IY \PE key = \KE \IY \IYkick= \KE \IH \KEkitchen= \KE \IH \CH \EH \NEkite = \KE \OHIH \TTknee= \NE \IY \IYknife= \NE \OHIY \FFknob = \NO \OH \OH \OBknock= \NE \OH \KOknot= \NE \SLOW \OH \TTknow = \NO \OW \OWWWl = \EH \EHLEla = \LO \OH \OHladder= \LE \AY \DE \AXRRlake = \LE \EYIY \EKlambda= \LE \AY \MM \DO \UXlamp= \LE \AY \MM \POland= \LE \AY \NE \DOlapel = \LE \UX \PE \EH \EHLElarge= \LE \AWRR \JHlast= \LE \SLOW \AY \SE \TTlate= \LE \EYIY \TTlaugh= \LE \AY \AY \FFlay= \LE \EYIY \FAST \IYlazy = \LE \EYIY \FAST \ZZ \IYlead = \LE \EH \EH \EDleaf= \LE \IY \FFlean= \LE \IY \NEleap= \LE \IY \PElearn= \LE \AXRR \NEleash = \LE \IY \IY \SH \SHleave= \LE \IY \VVleft= \LE \EH \FF \TTleg= \LE \EH \EGlegislate = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TTlegislated = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \EDlegislates = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TT \SElegislating = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \TT \IH \NGElegislature = \LE \EH \JH \EH \SE \LE \FAST \EYIY \CH \AXRRlei= \LE \EYIYlemon= \LE \EH \MM \AX \NElength= \LE \EH \NGE \THless= \LE \EH \SE \SElet= \LE \EH \TTletter = \LE \EH \TT \AX \RRlettuce= \LE \EH \TT \AX \SE \SElibrary= \LE \OHIY \EB \RR \FAST \EYRR \IYlid= \LE \SLOW \IH \EDlie= \LE \OHIY \FAST \IYlift= \LE \IH \FF \TTlight= \LE \OHIY \TTlike = \LE \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \EKline= \LE \OHIY \NElinguist = \LE \IH \NGE \FAST \WW \IH \SE \TTlion= \LE \OHIY \AX \NEliquid= \LE \IH \KE \FAST \WW \IH \EDlisten= \LE \IH \SE \EH \NElists = \LE \IH \SE \TSlitter =\LE \IH \TT \AXRR little = \LE \IH \TT \EHLElock= \LO \OH \OKlong= \LO \OH \SLOW \NGOlook= \LO \SLOW \STRESS \UH \OKloose= \LE \UW \UW \SElose= \LO \SLOW \UW \FAST \ZZloud= \LO \AYWW \DOlove= \LO \SLOW \UX \SLOW \VVlow= \SLOW \LO \OWWWluke = \LE \IHWW \OKlunch= \LO \UX \SLOW \NE \CHlynxmotion= \LE \FAST \IH \NGE \KO \FAST \SO \FAST \MM \OW \SH \AX \NEm = \EH \EH \MMmachine= \MM \FAST \UX \SLOW \SH \IY \NEmagnevation=\Fast \MM \AY \GE \Fast \NE \IH \VV \FAST \EYIY \SH \AX \NO mail= \MM \EYIY \LOmake= \MM \EYIY \EKmale= \MM \EYIY \LOmama = \MM \OH \OH \MM \OHman= \MM \SLOW \AY \SLOW \NEmany= \MM \EH \NE \IYmarch = \MM \AWRR \CHmarry= \MM \EYRR \IYmatch= \MM \AY \SLOW \CHmay = \MM \EYIYmaybe= \MM \EYIY \EB \IYme = \MM \IY \IYmean= \MM \SLOW \IY \NEmeasure = \MM \EH \ZH \FAST \AXRRmeasures = \MM \EH \ZH \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZmelt= \MM \EH \LE \TTmemories = \MM \EH \MM \FAST \AXRR \IY \FAST \ZZmemory = \MM \EH \MM \FAST \AXRR \IYmen = \MM \EH \EH \NEmend= \MM \EH \NE \ODmerry= \MM \EH \FAST \EYRR \IYmetal= \MM \EH \TT \EHLEmice = \MM \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \SE \SEmiddle= \MM \IH \DO \LOmight = \MM \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \TTmilk = \MM \IH \FAST \LE \EKmillion =\MM \IH \FAST \LE \FAST \IYEH \Slow \NE mind= \MM \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \NE \ODmine = \MM \OHIY \NEminus= \MM \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \FAST \NO \SLOW \UX \SEminute = \MM \FAST \IH \NE \IH \TTmirror= \MM \IYRR \OWRRmistake= \MM \FAST \IH \SE \TT \EYIY \EKmitten= \MM \IH \SLOW \TT \FAST \EY \NEmix= \MM \IH \KE \SEmonday = \MM \UX \NE \DE \EYIYmoney= \MM \UX \NE \IYmonkey= \MM \UX \NE \KE \IYmonth = \MM \UX \NE \THmoon= \MM \UW \NEmore= \MM \FAST \OW \OWRRmorning= \MM \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \NE \IH \NGEmost= \MM \SLOW \OW \SE \TTmother= \MM \UX \TH \FAST \AXRRmotor= \MM \OW \TT \FAST \AXRRmountain= \MM \FAST \AYWW \NE \TT \EY \NEmouse = \MM \AYWW \SEmouth= \MM \AYWW \SLOW \THmove= \MM \SLOW \UW \VVmu= \MM \IYUWmuch= \MM \UX \CHmud= \MM \SLOW \UX \DOmuseum= \MM \IYUW \FAST \ZZ \IY \FAST \UX \MMmusic= \MM \IYUW \ZZ \IH \EKmust= \MM \UX \SE \TT my = \MM \OHIYmyself= \MM \OHIY \SE \EH \LE \FFn = \EH \EH \NEnail= \NE \EYIY \LOname = \NE \EYIY \MMnarrow= \NE \EYRR \OWWWnation = \NE \EYIY \SH \AX \NEnear= \NE \IYRRnearly= \NE \FAST \IYRR \LE \IYneck= \NE \EH \EKneed = \NE \SLOW \IY \EDneedle= \NE \IY \DO \LOneighbor= \NE \EYIY \EB \AXRRneither= \NE \IY \TH \FAST \AXRRnet= \NE \EH \TT network=\NE \EH \TT \Fast \WW \Fast \AXRR \EK never= \NE \EH \FAST \VV \AXRRnew= \NE \IYUWnext= \NE \EH \KE \SE \TTnickel= \NE \IH \KE \EHLEnight= \NE \OHIY \TTnine =\NE \Stress \OHIH \NE nineteen =\NE \Fast \Relax \OHIY \NE \TT \IY \SLOW \NE ninety =\NE \Fast \Relax \OHIY \NE \TT \IY nip = \NE \IH \PEnipped = \NE \IH \PE \P4 \TTnipping = \NE \IH \PE \IH \NGEnips = \NE \IH \PE \SEno = \NO \OWWWnobody= \NO \OW \FAST \P4 \SOFT \BO \OH \DE \IYnoise = \NO \OWIY \FAST \IY \SEnone= \NO \SLOW \UX \NEnoon= \NO \SLOW \UW \NEnose= \NO \OWWW \ZZnot= \NE \OH \TTnotice= \NO \OW \TT \IH \SEnovember = \NO \OW \VV \FAST \EH \MM \EB \FAST \AXRRnow= \NO \AYWWnu= \NO \IHWWnumber= \NE \UX \MM \SOFT \BO \RRnurse= \NO \AXRR \SEnut= \NO \UX \TTo = \OW \OWWWo'clock= \OW \P4 \KO \LO \OH \OKoar= \OWRR \FAST \RRobey= \SLOW \OW \SOFT \BO \EYIYobject= \OH \OB \JH \EH \EK \TTocean= \OW \SH \AX \NEoctober = \OH \OK \TT \OW \SOFT \BO \FAST \AXRRoctopus= \FAST \OH \KO \TT \FAST \AX \PO \FAST \UH \SEof = \SLOW \UX \VVoff = \OH \OH \FF \FFoften= \OH \FF \TT \EH \NEold= \OW \LO \DOomega= \OW \MM \EYIY \GE \UXomicron= \OW \MM \IH \KO \RR \OH \NOon = \OH \OH \NOonce= \WW \UX \NE \SEone =\WW \Stress \OH \SLOW \NE only= \OW \NO \LE \IYoopic= \SLOW \UW \PO \SLOW \IH \EKopen= \OW \PO \EH \NOor= \OWRRorange= \OWRR \NE \JHother= \UX \TH \AXRRouch = \AYWW \CHought= \AW \AW \TTour = \AYWW \RRout = \AYWW \TToutdoors= \AYWW \TT \SLOW \DO \OWRR \SEover = \SLOW \OW \FAST \VV \AXRRowl = \AYWW \LOown= \OW \SLOW \NEoz = \OH \OH \ZZp = \PE \IY \IYpackage= \PE \SLOW \AY \KE \EH \JHpaint= \PE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \NE \TTpaintbrush= \PE \FAST \EYIY \NE \TT \SOFT \BO \FAST \RR \UX \SHpan= \PO \SLOW \AY \NOpants= \PO \AY \NO \TT \SEpaper= \PE \FAST \EYIY \PE \AXRRparakeet= \PE \FAST \EYRR \UX \KE \IY \TTparent= \PO \AY \FAST \RR \FAST \EH \NE \TTpark= \PO \FAST \AWRR \FAST \RR \EKparrot= \PE \EYRR \UX \TTpart= \PO \AWRR \TTparts = \PO \AWRR \TSpass= \PO \AY \SEpast= \PO \AY \SLOW \SE \TTpaste= \PE \EYIY \SE \TTpath= \PO \AY \SLOW \THpaw= \PO \SLOW \OH \OHpea= \PE \IY \IYpeace= \PE \SLOW \IY \SEpeach= \PE \SLOW \IY \CHpeanut= \PE \FAST \IY \NO \UX \TTpear= \PO \EYRRpeck = \PE \EH \EH \EKpeg = \PE \EH \EH \SLOW \EGpen= \PE \EH \NEpencil= \PE \FAST \EH \NE \SE \AX \LOpenguin= \PE \EY \FAST \NGE \FAST \WW \IH \NEpenny= \PE \EH \NE \IYpeople = \PE \FAST \IY \PE \SLOW \LEpeppers = \PE \EH \PO \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZperhaps= \PO \FAST \AXRR \HO \AY \PE \SEpet= \PO \EH \TTpeter = \PE \FAST \IY \TT \AX \RRphase = \FF \EYIY \ZZphi= \FF \OHIYphysical = \FF \IH \ZZ \IH \KE \EHLEpi= \PO \OHIYpiano= \PE \IY \AY \NO \OWpick = \PE \IH \KOpicked = \PE \IH \KO \TTpickled = \PE \IH \KE \LE \LE \EDpicnic= \PE \IH \KE \NE \IH \EKpie= \PO \OHIYpiece= \PE \IY \SEpig= \PO \IH \EGpillow= \PO \SLOW \IH \LO \FAST \OWWWpilot= \PO \FAST \OHIH \LO \AX \TTpin = \PE \IH \NEping = \PE \IH \IH \SLOW \NGEpink= \PE \FAST \IY \NGE \EKpinned = \PE \SLOW \IH \SLOW \NE \ODpinning = \PE \SLOW \IH \NE \IH \NGEpins = \PE \IH \IH \NE \FAST \ZZpiper = \PO \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \PE \AX \FAST \AXRRplant= \PO \FAST \LO \AY \NE \TTplate= \PO \FAST \LE \EYIY \TTplay = \PO \FAST \LE \EH \EYIYplayed = \PE \FAST \LE \EH \FAST \EYIY \EDplayground= \PO \FAST \LE \EH \FAST \EYIY \GE \FAST \RR \FAST \AYWW \NO \ODplaything= \PO \FAST \LE \EH \FAST \EYIY \TH \IH \SLOW \NGEplease= \PO \FAST \LE \IY \ZZpleasure = \PE \FAST \LE \EH \ZH \AX \RRpledge = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JHpledged = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JH \ODpledges = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JH \IH \ZZpledging = \PE \FAST \LE \SLOW \EH \JH \IH \NGEplenty= \PO \FAST \LE \EH \NE \TT \IYplus = \PO \FAST \LO \UX \SEpocket= \PO \OH \KE \EH \TTpolice= \PO \FAST \UX \LE \IY \SEpolite= \PO \FAST \OW \LE \OHIY \TTpond= \PO \SLOW \OH \NE \ODpong= \PO \OH \SLOW \NGOpony= \PO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \NE \FAST \IYpoor= \PO \FAST \OW \OWRRpop = \PO \SLOW \OH \POpopcorn= \PO \OH \PO \KO \OWRR \NEpossible=\PO \OH \SE \IH \OB \LO post= \PO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SE \TTpot= \PO \SLOW \OH \TTpotato= \PO \OW \TT \FAST \EYIY \TT \OWpottery = \PO \FAST \OH \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RR \IYpour= \PO \FAST \OW \OWRRprepare= \PO \FAST \RR \FAST \IY \PE \EYRRpretend= \PO \FAST \RR \IY \TT \EH \NE \DOpretty= \PO \FAST \RR \IH \TT \IYprice= \PO \FAST \RR \OHIY \SEprize= \PO \FAST \RR \OHIY \FAST \ZZpromise= \PO \FAST \RR \OH \MM \IH \SEprove = \PE \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \SLOW \VVpsi= \SO \OHIYpudding= \PO \FAST \UH \DE \IH \NGE \GEpuddle= \PO \UX \DO \LEpull= \PO \UH \SLOW \LOpumpkin= \PO \UX \FAST \MM \P4 \KE \FAST \SOFT \IY \FAST \IH \NOpuppet= \PO \UX \PO \EH \TTpurple= \PO \FAST \AXRR \PO \SLOW \LOpush= \PO \SLOW \UH \SLOW \SHput= \PO \SLOW \UX \TTpuzzle= \PO \SLOW \UX \FAST \ZZ \LEq = \KE \IYUWquack = \KO \FAST \WW \AY \EKquantity= \KE \FAST \WW \OH \NE \TT \FAST \IH \TT \IYquart= \KO \FAST \OW \OWRR \TTquarter= \KO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \TT \FAST \AXRRquestion= \KO \FAST \WW \EH \SE \TT \FAST \IH \UX \NOquick = \KO \FAST \WW \SLOW \IH \P4 \EKquickly = \KO \FAST \WW \SLOW \IH \EK \LE \IYquiet= \KO \FAST \WW \OHIY \EH \TTquilt = \KO \FAST \WW \IH \LE \TTquit= \KO \FAST \WW \SLOW \IH \TTr = \AWRRrabbit=\SLOW \RR \AY \BE \RELAX \IH \TT race= \RR \EYIY \SEradio= \RR \EYIY \DE \FAST \IY \SLOW \OWrailroad= \RR \FAST \EYIY \FAST \IY \LE \FAST \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \ODrain= \RR \EYIY \NErainbow= \RR \FAST \EYIY \NE \SOFT \BO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWraise= \RR \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \ZZrather= \RR \AY \TH \AXRRray = \RR \RR \EYIYrays = \SLOW \RR \EY \FAST \EYIY \ZZreach= \RR \SLOW \IY \CHread = \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \EDready = \SLOW \RR \EY \DE \IYreceive= \RR \FAST \IY \SE \SLOW \IY \VVred = \RR \SLOW \EH \EDremember= \RR \IY \FAST \MM \EH \MM \EB \FAST \AXRRrepair = \RR \FAST \IY \PE \SLOW \EYRRrepeat= \RR \FAST \IY \PO \IY \TTreply= \RR \IY \PO \LO \FAST \FAST \OH \OHIYrest= \RR \EH \SE \TTreturn= \RR \IY \TT \AXRR \NErho= \RR \OWrib = \RR \SLOW \IH \EBribbon= \RR \IH \FAST \SOFT \BO \UX \NEride= \RR \OHIY \DEright= \RR \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \TTring= \RR \IY \SLOW \NGEriver= \RR \IH \VV \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRroad= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \ODrob= \RR \SLOW \OH \OBrobot = \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BO \OH \TTrobotics = \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BO \OH \TT \FAST \IH \FAST \P4 \KE \FAST \SErobots = \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \SOFT \BO \OH \TSrock= \RR \OH \OKroll= \RR \SLOW \OW \SLOW \LOroller= \FAST \RR \SLOW \OW \LO \AXRRroof= \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \FFroom= \RR \SLOW \UW \MMrope= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \POrose= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWW \ZZrough= \RR \UX \FFround= \RR \AYWW \NO \ODrow= \RR \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWrug= \RR \UX \OGruler= \RR \FAST \UW \LE \AXRRrun= \RR \UX \NErural = \RR \FAST \AX \RR \SLOW \EHLErush= \RR \UX \SLOW \SHs = \EH \SE \SEsad= \SE \SLOW \AY \EDsaddle = \SLOW \SE \AY \DE \EHLE \LEsail= \SE \EYIY \LOsame= \SE \EYIY \MMsand= \SE \SLOW \AY \NE \ODsandwich= \SE \FAST \AY \NE \ED \FAST \WW \IH \CHsap =\SLOW \SE \SLOW \AY \PO sat = \SLOW \SE \SLOW \AY \TTsaturday = \SLOW \SE \FAST \AY \TT \FAST \AXRR \DE \EYIYsaucer= \SO \OH \SE \AXRRsavage = \SLOW \SE \AY \VV \FAST \IH \SLOW \JHsave= \SE \FAST \EYIY \FAST \IY \SLOW \VVsaw = \SE \SE \AW \AWsay= \SE \FAST \EY \EYIYscarf= \SE \KO \AWRR \FFschool= \SE \KO \SLOW \UW \LOscissors= \SE \FAST \IH \FAST \ZZ \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR \SOscore = \SE \KO \OW \FAST \OWRRscott = \SLOW \SE \KO \SLOW \OH \TTsea= \SE \SE \IY \IYseat= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \IY \TTsecond = \SLOW \SE \EH \KO \AX \NE \ODsecret= \SE \IY \KO \FAST \RR \FAST \EH \TTsee = \SE \SE \IY \IYseed= \SE \IY \IY \EDseem= \SE \IY \IY \MMseesaw= \SE \IY \SE \SLOW \OHsend= \SE \EH \NE \ODsensitive = \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \NE \SE \IH \TT \FAST \IH \SLOW \VVsensitivity = \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \NE \SE \IH \TT \IH \VV \IH \TT \IYsent=\SE \SLOW \EH \NE \TT september =\SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \PE \Fast \TT \EH \FAST \MM \EB \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR seven = \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \VV \EH \NEseventeen =\SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \Fast \VV \Fast \EH \NE \Fast \TT \IY \NE seventy =\SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \Fast \VV \EH \Fast \NE \TT \IY several= \SLOW \SE \FAST \EH \VV \FAST \RR \FAST \EHLE \FAST \LEsew= \SE \SLOW \OW \FAST \OWWWshade= \SLOW \SH \EYIY \EDshadow= \SH \AY \DO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWWWshall= \SH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \LOshallowest = \SH \AY \LO \OW \EH \SE \TTshare= \SH \SLOW \EY \FAST \EYRRsharp= \SH \AWRR \POshe= \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IYsheep=\Slow \SH \SLOW \IY \PE sheet = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IY \TTshell=\Slow \SH \SLOW \EY \LE shift = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IH \FF \TTshine= \SLOW \SH \FAST \OHIH \FAST \IH \NEship = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \IH \POshirt = \SLOW \SH \AX \FAST \AXRR \TTshoe= \SLOW \SH \UW \UWshort = \SLOW \SH \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \TTshortest = \SH \FAST \OW \FAST \OWRR \TT \FAST \AX \FAST \SE \TTshould = \SLOW \SH \SLOW \UW \ODshouldn't = \SH \SLOW \UW \SLOW \DO \NO \TTshout= \SLOW \SH \FAST \AYWW \FAST \WW \TTshovel= \SLOW \SH \FAST \UX \SLOW \VV \EHLEshow= \SLOW \SH \OW \FAST \OWWWshut= \SLOW \SH \SLOW \UX \TTsick= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \IH \EKside= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \EDsidewalk= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \ED \FAST \WW \OH \OKsight = \SLOW \SE \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \TTsigma= \SLOW \SE \IH \GE \MM \FAST \UXsign= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \NEsilent= \SLOW \SE \FAST \OHIY \LE \FAST \EH \NE \TTsince= \SLOW \SE \IH \NE \SEsincere = \SLOW \SE \IH \NE \SE \IYRRsincerely = \SLOW \SE \IH \NE \SE \FAST \IYRR \LE \IYsincerity = \SE \IH \NE \SE \EH \RR \IH \TT \IYsine= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \NEsing= \SLOW \SE \IY \SLOW \NGEsink= \SLOW \SE \RELAX \IY \FAST \NE \EKsister = \SLOW \SE \IH \SE \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRsit = \SLOW \SE \IH \IH \TTsix =\SLOW \SE \IH \Stress \KE \Fast \SE sixteen =\SLOW \SE \Fast \IH \Stress \KE \SE \Fast \TT \IY \NE sixty =\SLOW \SE \IH \Stress \KE \SE \TT \IY size= \SLOW \SE \OHIY \ZZskin= \SLOW \SE \KE \SLOW \IH \NEskirt= \SE \KE \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRR \TTsky = \SE \KE \OHIH \FAST \IHsleep= \SE \FAST \LE \SLOW \IY \POsleeve= \SE \FAST \LE \SLOW \IY \VVslice= \SE \FAST \LO \OHIY \SLOW \SEslide= \SE \FAST \LO \OHIY \EDslipper= \SO \FAST \LO \IH \PO \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRslow= \SE \FAST \LO \SLOW \OWWWsmell= \SE \FAST \MM \SLOW \EH \SLOW \LOsmile= \SE \FAST \MM \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \SLOW \LOsmooth= \SE \FAST \MM \UW \UW \SLOW \THsnail= \SE \FAST \NE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \LOsnake= \SE \FAST \NE \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \KEsnow = \SO \FAST \NO \OW \FAST \OWWWso = \SLOW \SO \FAST \OWWW \FAST \WWsock= \SLOW \SE \SLOW \OH \OKsoft= \SLOW \SO \OH \FF \TTsoil= \SLOW \SO \FAST \OW \FAST \OWIY \LEsome = \SLOW \SE \UX \MMson= \SLOW \SO \UX \NEsong = \SO \OH \SLOW \NGOsoon= \SLOW \SO \UW \UW \NOsorry= \SLOW \SO \AW \RR \FAST \IYsound = \SE \AYWW \NO \ODsoup= \SLOW \SE \UW \UW \POspeak = \SE \PE \SLOW \IY \EKspeakjet= \SE \PE \SLOW \IY \EK \JH \EH \TTspecial= \SE \PE \EH \SH \SLOW \LEspeech = \SE \PE \IY \IY \CHspell = \SE \PE \EH \EHLEspelled = \SE \PE \EH \EHLE \EDspeller = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \AX \RRspellers = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZspelling = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \IH \NGEspells = \SE \PE \FAST \EH \EHLE \FAST \ZZspend= \SE \PE \SLOW \EH \NE \ODspider= \SE \PO \FAST \OH \FAST \OHIY \DE \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRspit= \SE \PE \SLOW \IH \TTspoon= \SO \PO \SLOW \UW \NOspread= \SO \PO \FAST \RR \SLOW \EH \EDspring= \SE \PO \FAST \RR \IY \SLOW \NGEsquare= \SE \KO \WW \EYRRsqueeze= \SE \KO \WW \IY \ZZsquirrel= \SE \KO \FAST \WW \AX \FAST \AXRR \LEstair = \SE \TT \EY \EYRRstamp= \SE \FAST \TT \SLOW \AY \FAST \MM \PEstand= \SE \TT \SLOW \AY \NE \ODstar= \SE \TT \AWRRstare = \SE \TT \EY \EYRRstart = \SE \TT \AWRR \TTstarted = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TT \IH \EDstarter = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TT \AX \FAST \RRstarting = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TT \FAST \IH \NGEstarts = \SE \TT \AW \RR \TSstatement = \SE \TT \EYIY \TT \MM \EH \NE \TTstay= \SE \TT \EYIY \FAST \IYsteal= \SE \TT \IY \SLOW \LOsteel = \SE \TT \IY \SLOW \LOstep= \SE \TT \SLOW \EH \POstick= \SE \TT \SLOW \IH \EKstill= \SE \TT \IH \SLOW \LOstir= \SE \TT \AXRRstomach= \SE \TT \UX \MM \EH \EKstone= \SE \TT \OWWW \NOstop = \SE \TT \SLOW \OH \POstopped = \SE \TT \SLOW \OH \PO \TTstopper = \SE \TT \OH \PO \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRstopping = \SE \TT \OH \PO \IH \NGEstops = \SE \TT \SLOW \OH \PO \SEstore = \SE \TT \OWRRstory= \SE \TT \OWRR \FAST \IYstraight= \SE \TT \RR \FAST \EYIY \TTstranded = \SE \TT \FAST \RR \AY \NE \DE \FAST \IH \EDstranger= \SE \TT \RR \FAST \EYIY \NE \JH \FAST \AXRRstrawberry= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OH \SOFT \BE \FAST \EYRR \IYstreet = \SE \TT \RR \IY \TTstretch= \SE \TT \RR \EH \CHstrike= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OHIY \EKstring = \SE \TT \RR \RELAX \IY \SLOW \NGEstripe= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OHIY \POstrong= \SE \TT \FAST \RR \OH \SLOW \NGEsub = \SLOW \SE \SLOW \UX \OBsubject = \SLOW \SE \UX \EB \JH \EH \EK \TTsubtract= \SLOW \SO \FAST \UX \OB \TT \RR \AY \KE \TTsucceed = \SLOW \SE \FAST \RELAX \UX \KE \SE \SLOW \IY \EDsuck = \SLOW \SE \SLOW \UX \EKsugar = \SH \UH \FAST \GO \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRsuit= \SLOW \SO \SLOW \UW \TTsummer= \SLOW \SO \UX \MM \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRsun= \SLOW \SO \UX \SLOW \NEsunday = \SLOW \SE \UX \NE \DE \EYIYsupper= \SLOW \SO \UX \PO \FAST \AX \FAST \AXRRsuppose= \SLOW \SO \UX \PO \OW \FAST \ZZsure= \SLOW \SH \UW \SLOW \RRsurprise= \SLOW \SO \FAST \UX \PO \RR \OHIY \FAST \ZZswallow= \SLOW \SO \WW \OH \LO \OWWWswan= \SLOW \SE \WW \OH \NOsweat = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TTsweated = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TT \IH \EDsweater = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TT \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRsweaters = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TT \AX \RR \FAST \ZZsweating = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \EH \TT \IH \NGEsweats = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \SLOW \EH \TSswim= \SLOW \SE \FAST \WW \IH \MMswing= \SLOW \SE \FAST \WW \IY \SLOW \NGEswitch = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \IH \CHswitched = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \IH \CH \TTswitches = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \IH \CH \IH \FAST \ZZswitching = \SLOW \SO \FAST \WW \IH \CH \IH \NGEsystem = \SLOW \SE \IH \SE \TT \FAST \EH \MMsystems = \SLOW \SE \IH \SE \TT \FAST \EH \MM \SEt = \TU \IY \IYtable= \TT \FAST \EY \FAST \EYIY \SOFT \BE \FAST \UX \LOtail= \TU \EYIY \LOtake= \TU \EYIY \EKtale= \TU \EYIY \LOtalk = \TT \SLOW \OH \SLOW \OKtalked = \TT \SLOW \OH \SLOW \OK \TTtalker = \TT \OH \KE \AXRRtalkers = \TT \OH \KE \AXRR \FAST \ZZtalking = \TT \OH \KE \IH \NGEtalks = \TT \SLOW \OH \KO \SOtall= \TT \OH \SLOW \LOtask = \TT \SLOW \AY \SE \SLOW \EKtaste= \TU \EYIY \SE \SLOW \TTtau= \TT \AYWWte = \TU \IY \IYtea=\TU \IY \IY teach= \TT \SLOW \IY \CHteacher= \TT \SLOW \IY \CH \FAST \AXRR \FAST \RRteam= \TT \SLOW \IY \MMtee=\TU \IY \IY telephone= \TT \FAST \EH \LE \FAST \EH \FF \SLOW \OW \NOtelevision= \TT \FAST \EH \LE \FAST \EH \VV \IH \ZH \UX \NOtell= \TT \SLOW \EH \SLOW \LOten = \TT \EH \EH \NEtennessee= \TT \EH \NE \FAST \EH \SE \IY \IYtent= \TT \EH \SLOW \NO \TTtest = \TT \EH \SLOW \SE \TTtesting = \TT \EH \SLOW \SE \TT \IH \NGEtests = \TT \EH \SLOW \SE \TSthan= \DH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \NOthat's = \DH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \TSthat= \DH \SLOW \AY \SLOW \TTthe = \SLOW \DH \SLOW \IYtheater = \SLOW \TH \IY \EYIY \TT \AX \RRtheaters = \SLOW \TH \IY \EYIY \TT \AX \RR \FAST \ZZtheir= \SLOW \DH \EYRRthem= \SLOW \DH \EH \SLOW \MMthen = \SLOW \DH \EH \SLOW \NOthere= \SLOW \DH \EYRRthese= \SLOW \DH \SLOW \IY \FAST \ZZtheta= \TH \EYIY \TT \UXthey = \SLOW \DH \EYIYthey're= \SLOW \DH \EYRRthick= \SLOW \TH \SLOW \IH \EKthin = \SLOW \TH \SLOW \IH \SLOW \NOthing= \SLOW \TH \SLOW \IH \SLOW \NGEthink = \SLOW \TH \SLOW \IH \NGE \EKthinks = \SLOW \TH \SLOW \IH \NGE \EK \FAST \SEthirsty= \SLOW \TH \FAST \AXRR \SE \TT \FAST \IYthirteen =\SLOW \TH \FAST \AXRR \TT \IY \NE thirty = \SLOW \TH \FAST \AXRR \TT \IYthis = \SLOW \DH \SLOW \IH \SEthose= \SLOW \DH \SLOW \OW \ZZthough= \SLOW \DH \OWWWthousand =\SLOW \TH \FAST \AYWW \ZZ \FAST \AX \SLOW \NE thread = \SLOW \TH \RR \SLOW \EH \EDthreaded = \SLOW \TH \RR \EH \DE \IH \EDthreader = \SLOW \TH \RR \EH \DE \AX \RRthreading = \SLOW \TH \RR \EH \DE \IH \NGEthreads = \SLOW \TH \RR \EH \DE \ZZthree = \SLOW \TH \RR \SLOW \IYthrew= \SLOW \TH \RR \SLOW \UWthrough = \SLOW \TH \RR \SLOW \UWthrow= \SLOW \TH \RR \OWWWthu=\SLOW \DH \SLOW \UX thumb= \SLOW \TH \SLOW \UX \MMthursday = \SLOW \TH \AXRR \ZZ \DE \EYIYtickle= \SLOW \TT \IH \KE \EHLEtie= \SLOW \TT \OHIYtiger= \SLOW \TT \OHIY \GE \AX \RRtight = \SLOW \TT \OHIY \TTtill= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \IH \SLOW \LEtime = \SLOW \TT \OHIH \SLOW \MMtimes = \SLOW \TT \OHIH \SLOW \MM \FAST \ZZtiny= \SLOW \TT \OHIY \SLOW \NE \FAST \IYtip= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \IH \POtiptoe= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \IH \PO \SLOW \TT \OWtire= \SLOW \TT \OHIY \RRtired= \SLOW \TT \OHIY \RR \ODtitans= \SLOW \TT \OHIY \TT \FAST \AY \NE \FAST \ZZto = \SLOW \TT \IHWWtoast= \TT \SLOW \OW \SE \TTtoday= \SLOW \TT \UW \DE \EYIYtoe= \SLOW \TT \OWWWtogether= \SLOW \TT \UW \GE \EH \DH \AXRRtomato= \SLOW \TT \OW \MM \EYIY \TT \OWWWtomorrow= \SLOW \TT \UW \MM \AWRR \OWWWtong= \SLOW \TT \OH \NGO \OGtongue= \SLOW \TT \UX \SLOW \NGEtonight= \SLOW \TT \UW \NO \OHIY \TTtoo = \SLOW \TT \IHWWtook = \SLOW \TT \UH \UH \OKtool= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \UW \LEtooth= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \UW \SLOW \THtoothbrush= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \UW \TH \SOFT \BO \FAST \RR \UX \SHtop= \SLOW \TT \OH \POtouch= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \UX \CHtoward= \SLOW \TT \FAST \OWWW \OWRR \ODtowel= \SLOW \TT \AYWW \SLOW \LEtown= \SLOW \TT \AYWW \NOtoy = \SLOW \TT \OWIYtractor= \SLOW \TT \RR \AY \KE \TT \AXRRtraffic= \SLOW \TT \RR \AY \FF \IH \EKtrain= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \EYIY \NOtravel= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \AY \VV \SLOW \LEtray = \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \EYIYtreasures = \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \EH \ZH \AX \RR \FAST \ZZtreat = \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \SLOW \IY \TTtree= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \SLOW \IYtriangle= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \OHIY \EYIY \NGE \LEtrip = \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \SLOW \IH \PEtriple = \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \IH \PO \SLOW \LEtrousers= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \AYWW \ZZ \FAST \AXRR \FAST \ZZtruck= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \UX \OKtrusts = \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \UX \SE \TStruth= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \SLOW \UW \SLOW \THtry= \SLOW \TT \FAST \RR \OHIYtub = \SLOW \TT \UX \UX \OBtube= \SLOW \TT \SLOW \UW \OBtuesday = \SLOW \TT \UW \ZZ \DE \EYIYtulip= \SLOW \TT \UW \LO \IH \PEtunnel= \SLOW \TT \UX \NO \SLOW \LEturkey= \SLOW \TT \AXRR \KE \IYturn = \SLOW \TT \AXRR \NEturned = \SLOW \TT \AXRR \NE \ODturning = \SLOW \TT \AX \FAST \RR \NE \IH \NGEturns = \SLOW \TT \AX \RR \NE \SEturtle= \SLOW \TT \AXRR \TT \SLOW \LEtwelve = \SLOW \TT \FAST \WW \EH \LE \VVtwenty =\SLOW \FAST \TT \Fast \WW \EH \NE \Fast \TT \IY twice= \SLOW \TT \FAST \WW \OHIY \SEtwin= \SLOW \TT \FAST \WW \IH \NOtwo = \SLOW \TT \IHWWtypewriter= \SLOW \TT \FAST \OHIY \PO \FAST \WW \FAST \RR \FAST \OHIY \FAST \TT \AXRRu = \SLOW \IYUWumbrella= \UX \FAST \MM \OB \RR \EH \LO \UXuncle = \SLOW \UX \FAST \NGO \KO \UH \SLOW \LOunder= \UX \NE \DO \AXRRunderstand= \UX \FAST \NE \DO \FAST \AXRR \SE \FAST \TT \AY \NO \ODunicorn= \IYUW \NE \IH \KO \OWRR \NEunless= \UX \NO \LE \EH \SEuntil= \UX \NE \TT \IH \LOunusual = \UX \NE \IY \FAST \UW \ZH \UW \EHLEup= \SLOW \UX \POupon= \UX \PO \OH \SLOW \NOupsilon= \UW \PE \SE \IH \LO \OH \NOus= \SLOW \UX \SEuse= \IYUW \ZZusually= \IYUW \ZH \UW \EHLE \IYv = \SLOW \VV \SLOW \IYvacation= \VV \FAST \EYIY \KE \EYIY \SH \UX \NOvalentine= \VV \FAST \AY \LE \EH \NO \TT \OHIY \NOvase= \VV \EYIY \SEvegetable= \VV \EH \JH \TT \UX \FAST \SOFT \BO \UX \LOversion = \VV \SLOW \RR \ZH \AX \NEvery= \VV \EYRR \FAST \IYvest = \VV \SLOW \EH \SE \TTvillage= \VV \IH \SLOW \LE \EH \JHvine= \VV \OHIY \NOviolet= \VV \OHIY \FAST \OW \LE \FAST \EH \TTviolin= \VV \OHIY \FAST \OW \LE \IH \NEvisit= \VV \IH \ZZ \IH \TTvoice = \VV \OWIY \SE \SEvoices = \VV \OWIY \SE \IH \FAST \ZZvoyage= \VV \OWIY \EH \JHw = \DO \FAST \UX \SOFT \BO \EHLE \IYUW \UWwagon= \WW \AY \GO \UX \SLOW \NOwait= \WW \EYIY \TTwalk= \WW \SLOW \OH \SLOW \OKwant = \WW \SLOW \OH \NO \TTwar = \WW \FAST \OW \OWRRwarm= \WW \OWRR \SLOW \MMwarning=\WW \Fast \OW \Fast \RR \NE \IH \NGE warrant = \WW \OWRR \AX \NE \TTwas= \WW \UX \ZZ wash= \WW \SLOW \OH \SHwatch= \WW \OH \SLOW \CHwater= \WW \OH \TT \FAST \AXRRwatermelon= \WW \OH \TT \FAST \AXRR \MM \EH \LO \UX \NOwave= \WW \EYIY \VVwe = \WW \SLOW \IYweak= \WW \SLOW \IY \EKwear= \WW \EYRRweather= \WW \EH \DH \AXRRwednesday = \WW \EH \NE \ZZ \DE \EYIYweek= \WW \IY \EKweight= \WW \EYIY \TTwelcome = \WW \EHLE \KE \UX \MMwell= \WW \EHLEwent= \WW \EH \NE \TTwet= \WW \EH \TTwhale = \WH \EYIY \LEwhaler = \WH \EYIY \LE \AX \FAST \RRwhalers = \WH \EYIY \LE \AX \FAST \RR \FAST \ZZwhales = \WH \EYIY \EHLE \ZZwhaling = \WH \EYIY \LE \IH \NGEwhat= \WH \SLOW \OH \TTwheel= \WH \IY \SLOW \LEwhen= \WH \SLOW \EH \SLOW \NEwhere= \WW \EYRRwhether= \WW \EH \DH \AXRRwhich= \WH \IH \SLOW \CHwhig = \WH \IH \IH \EGwhile= \WH \OHIY \SLOW \LEwhim = \WH \IH \IH \MMwhisker= \WH \IH \SE \KE \AXRRwhisper= \WH \IH \SE \PO \AXRRwhistle= \WH \IH \SE \P4 \SLOW \LEwhite = \WH \OHIY \TTwhole= \HO \OWWW \SLOW \LOwhy = \WH \OHIHwide= \WW \FAST \OHIY \FAST \IY \EDwig = \WW \IH \IH \EGwill= \WW \IH \SLOW \LEwin= \WW \IH \SLOW \NOwind= \WW \IH \NE \ODwinter= \WW \IH \NO \TT \AXRRwipe= \WW \OHIY \POwire= \WW \OHIY \RRwish= \WW \IH \SLOW \SHwith= \WW \IH \SLOW \SLOW \THwoman= \WW \FAST \OW \STRESS \MM \UX \NOwon =\WW \Stress \OH \SLOW \NE wood= \WW \SLOW \UH \ODwool = \WW \SLOW \UH \SLOW \LOword = \WW \AXRR \FAST \RR \ODwords = \WW \AXRR \ED \FAST \ZZwork= \WW \AXRR \SLOW \EKworld= \WW \AXRR \LE \EDworm= \WW \AXRR \SLOW \MMworse= \WW \AXRR \SLOW \SEworst= \WW \AXRR \SE \TTwould= \WW \SLOW \UH \ODwrist= \RR \SLOW \IH \SE \TTwristwatch= \RR \IH \SE \TT \WW \OH \CHwrite = \RR \OHIY \TTwrong= \RR \OH \SLOW \NGOx = \EH \EH \KO \SEx-ray = \EH \EH \KO \SE \RR \EYIYxi= \KO \SE \OHIYxray=\EH \EH \KO \SE \RR \EYIY xylophone= \ZZ \OHIY \LO \OW \FF \OW \NOy = \WW \OHIHyarn = \IY \AWRR \NEyear = \NGE \IYRRyell= \IY \EH \LOyellow= \IY \EH \LO \OWyes = \IYEH \SE \SEyesterday= \IYEH \SE \TT \FAST \AXRR \DE \EYIYyet= \IYEH \TTyo-yo = \IY \OWWW \IY \OWWWyou = \SLOW \IYUWyoung= \IY \UX \SLOW \NGEyour = \IY \OWRRyourself= \IY \OWRR \SE \EH \LE \FFz = \SLOW \ZZ \IY \IYzap= \ZZ \SLOW \AY \POzapped= \ZZ \SLOW \AY \PO \TTzebra=\ZZ \FAST \IY \Soft \BE \FAST \RR \UX zero = \ZZ \FAST \IY \FAST \IYRR \OWWWzeta= \ZZ \EYIY \TT \UXzipper= \ZZ \IH \PE \AXRRzone = \SLOW \ZZ \OWWW \SLOW \NEzoo = \SLOW \ZZ \IHWW

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