Friday, 11 March 2011

Monday's symposium at the Scrolls Museum was special and quite challenging, I'm used to presenting my work to other academically institutionalised people, and take for granted a certain mutual language and theoretical framework. It's useful but quite appalling to realise the ideas and modes of language we take for granted might be alien and meaningless to other people. I was shocked that some people viewed our work as not connected to things that other people find important in their lives. I thought we were all dealing with quite common themes of belonging, loss, abandonment. It's unsettling to think that doesn't always come across, that people might think we are just trying to be clever or abstract etc...
The museum is unique, small and very well designed so you get a sense of proximity to the objects and a sense of individual lives. Evelyn and Ariel who run the museum extended great hospitality and kindness to us in hosting this event. It felt like something very special.

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