Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Olga Massanet's talk about the Deep Media Research project today was very inspiring and helpful for my ongoing thoughts about post-doctoral research, provoking good ideas for a way of melding my interests in embodied hardware and memory studies. Olga's project is concerned with non-symbolic modes of transmission between bodies - such as sweat, electrical signals,

'non-verbal, unconscious, infra-empircal communication processes', (her site below also has a very useful link to making a galvanic skin response machine the dmoo1 -

'Simply speaking DM001 is a device that takes measurements of the Galvanic Skin Response of two people. These different streams of data are then mapped onto two different motors. Each person is able to feel the fluctuations in skin conductivity of the other.' In exploring lost memories I have been considering ways in which embodied traces of events might be re-enacted without actually representing the events themselves, so devices that can communicate micro-gestures, or 'infra-verbal bodily comunications' would be one such way.

Mick Grierson mentioned Naim June Paik's TV Buddha (1974) today, this is also really interesting - raising questions of cause and effect, techno-mysticism - which Olga also mentioned.

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